Happy Hump Day, All!

Here’s to hoping the mid-week mark is working for you as a measure of where you are in developing your personal goals in life. One of my favorite expressions that I have learned over the time of my journey is: “One day at a time!” Sometimes, when we learn a certain amount of self control and discipline, it may come down to one “minute” at a time, just to slow down the pace of our desire to “react” to a given situation. We need enough time to realize that reacting is NOT the goal … but to act in your own best interest, and the interest of those you love … and who love you, is the preferable goal! Peace be still!

Well, the second presidential debate was quite an event. One candidate came in thinking he had an edge from his “performance” in the first debate, whilst the other came in “seeing blood” that was spilt on his image by a biting rabid dog. It was quite different from the first debate where it was clear that etiquette and respect had been thrown out the window by the candidate whose main war cry was, “four more years of this …” and, “I have run businesses for 25 years …”, which he could say since he didn’t have to defend his record of NOT being President of the United States of America. As the debate got heated and nasty comments were thrown, it was clear that the President … yes, that is right … the President of the United States … NOW … Barack Obama, got nasty right back with his own swag and style … still maintaining his etiquette as is required of The First African American in the White House … believe it or not!

Are you “winning”? Did Charlie Sheen really win and is he still winning? Is life really about winning or losing … or is it about living your journey holding certain core human values high and helping our fellow human beings to survive this journey … this gift we’ve been given called life? Now, let’s throw me into this same equation … a briefcase full of cocaine in a hotel with hookers, and, “three wives” and an entourage hanging around me all the time … would you say I was “winning”? How about YOU? If you did the “Charlie Sheen Thing”, would your friends, family … maybe even your parents say, “My child is winning!” Hmmmm ….

Whomever you vote for is your choice, and while it should be evident that I have my preferred candidate for reasons close to my heart, make YOUR choice. But do get out and vote. That way, at this juncture in your journey, you, too, will be “winning”!

Have a great day!


John I. Cook, Director

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