Are You Listening?

Yes, it is Monday again … Happy Monday to you All!

I know there are a lot of people who complain when Monday comes … perhaps, some of them rightfully so! Yet, there may be some of us who complain because we don’t want to go to work or begin another 5 days of responsibility or routine. There were some days in my past when I wasn’t so excited for Monday. Then, when one is out of work for a while and may have to spend full weeks looking for work, which is a job in and of itself, one may be inclined to be a bit more welcoming of Monday … just sayin’!

My weekend was pretty decent, all things considered. Once I got past Friday with all the adjustments and make shift planning to get through another week of financial obligations, I laid low and hung out with “friends”. In these days and times when it becomes more and more difficult to determine who you can trust and who is NOT on the take, one must be careful in hanging out with people, and, even more careful whom we consider a friend. Real friendships usually require some time and situations in which the character of a person comes through all the decorations and awnings that us humans like to hang around our physical selves. There are some folks who “use” their friends and others who make friends with someone in hopes of getting something out of it like a “blind follower”, or perhaps someone who can get them a position or promotion.

Well, here in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday morning, there were two events held to increase the awareness of breast cancer. One was a 5K walk held in the downtown area culminating at Huizenga Park on Las Olas Boulevard and the other was held at the River Walk Main Esplanade there on 2nd Street near the Performing Arts Center and the IMAX Theater. I saw the first one from my car, which was not even hampered by the rain that fell as the walkers walked. I hung around and took photos and chatted with people at the second event where Lynn Martinez of Channel 7 WSVN was the hostess. The ladies were all “glammed” out for the “Glamathon” held again for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was also at the first one held last year. The rain still hung around at first but by midday when the sun came out, the festivities began! There was a fashion show of groups of different ages, races, sizes and themes and everyone was truly beautiful there. There was also a friend of mine, DJ Excel who provided the sound track, and many many booths of a variety of services and products, too!

Sunday was nice for me because three gentleman from my hometown came down to see my BMF Peter Zachary who is still hanging on to his struggle with ALS. It is visits like these that keep one motivated to see another day of life … be it Monday or Saturday … or any day for that matter. They came Saturday afternoon and hung out at Peter’s house as he is wheelchair bound and enjoyed each others company. Since I had a small itinerary for Saturday with the Awareness activity, I waited until Sunday, when we got together for a grand buffet style brunch at Peter’s house in Plantation, FL. We told stories, remembered coaches and fellow students, even teachers and “big events” that we shared. It was nice. Before going to visit Peter, Howard Weintraub, Mike Quinn and Neil Stockel, I attended service at Calvary Chapel and Pastor Bob was continuing his series on God’s gifts. So, I took one of my gifts out to Peter’s with me, which is my personality and friendship, and blessed those who were there and willing to receive those humble gifts! We had a great time!

Are you listening to your Creator and developing and sharing your gifts? Do you just hear people and your Creator when they are talking to you? Do you understand? Well, I am not here to preach a sermon, just to share some of my strength, hope, love and experiences with you today in anticipation that you all may be able to relate. Have a wonderful week! Thank you … each of you … for your friendship …


John I. Cook, Director

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