To Tell The Truth

Happy Friday, All!

Once again, may we T.G.I.F.!

Yes, yes, it has been a rough week for me, all kinds of things going on that I hadn’t expected. At least nowadays, I “face the music” with an honest heart. Like I’ve often said, I have my flaws, too, so to speak, and am not a perfect person. Yet, there is no confusion for me – I am trying to be the best person that I can be. Occasionally, I get a little selfish and try to take some time “just for me”, or, have a little fun from time to time. One of my favorite places to do that is at the gym. We had a substitute for yoga this past Wednesday whose name is also “John”. He came late, so, those of us who really like yoga hung around waiting for him to arrive. We chatted amongst ourselves, and, I even said hello to some people that I never had talked to before! When he finally came about 20 minutes late, he told us he would give us a full hour and some … so I stayed. I needed that!

I usually tell the truth, or as Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) once said, “Tell the truth to those deserving of it!” Now, if that ain’t an old school Southern tidbit of philosophy, I don’t know what is! My father had a different saying though pretty much of the same genre. He said, “You gotta tell the truth boy, cause that’s the only thing people have to go on about you is what comes out of your mouth!” That was the way he ran his household … honestly. From time to time, though, my mother had to pick up the pieces, so to speak, for something he forgot to tell her or that he had charged on a credit card!

The Vice Presidential debate last night was somewhat of a puzzle for people who may not be exactly well aware of what the Obama administration has done and what the Romney/Ryan ticket is proposing to do. While VP Biden sought to clear the issues and point to facts, there were moments in the debate where so many figures and statistics were being thrown around that I believe even the debaters themselves got tongue tied and had to try to reconnect with their train of thought or even rethink what they were saying. The moderator, Martha, was cool and kept control of things fairly well. Yet, when she posed a question from a decorated military personnel who said that there was basically “too much mud slinging” in this campaigning and asked each one what would they say to him, BOTH Biden and Ryan went off on a rant again about what incumbent Pres. Obama and candidate Romney were going to do to handle the budget and the military and anything else they could get into the two to four ( 2 to 4 ) minutes they were given to reply!!! Neither one answered the question that she posed! Hard to tell the truth … or even stay focused sometimes!

Well, this weekend here in Florida, there are several “Breast Cancer Awareness” events going on. One that I attended last year was here in Ft. Lauderdale at the River Front’s Main Esplanade beginning at 11:30AM EST this Saturday. It is hosted by Channel 7’s Lynn Martinez and is basically a competition/fashion show called “Glam Doll Strut”. Many groups or teams, if you will, of women, dress up, parade or “strut their stuff” and seek to win for the best presentation while focusing on the theme of “Breast Cancer Awareness”. Last year, I was one of two or three hands full of men out there who enjoyed the festivities that was mostly attended by women! I will be there again, it is free and very entertaining …. and for an Excellent cause!

Have a great weekend.

Peace be with you!

John I. Cook, Director

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