Leave The Past Behind . . . .

Happy Hump Day, All!

Here’s to looking at a new day, and, the weekend on the horizon! Life is a journey, and, with each new step, we have a chance for a new beginning. Choose the direction you want to go in, and go that way. Easier said than done, right?!

Just yesterday, someone had posted a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Facebook basically saying that modern humans have a dearth of spirit with a plethora of technological advancements. We fly like birds, manage the ocean like fish but have not learned to walk the Earth as sisters and brothers.

This week for me has been a tough one and, like a turning point, if you will, or just cranking it up a few more notches. There is no one thing or person or event taking the reins of my journey other than my desire to be a spiritual being … the best one I can be. Now, I am not ready to live on the streets and walk the planet in sandals and a robe like John the Baptist, so don’t let me mislead you! I just managed to pay off some back taxes from 1989 when I was legally living in New York. Since the letters that the State sent came back, I was allowed to pay ONLY what I owed then and not the nearly $3,000 in interest … thank God … ’cause I had no idea where I would get that from. Needless to say, all other debts fell seriously in arrears and I have been piecing together my next steps carefully. A good friend, I call him, “Big Bro”, has lent me a quick hand with a couple of presently pressing things and I will be able to repay him this weekend.

Of course, “my demons” of the past have been calling me. It got so bad, that yesterday, I got out of bed in the morning and hit my knees as I remember my father doing many a times though mostly at night. I embraced the 23rd Psalm which my mother instructed me to recite when times got rough, and, finally got up off my knees thanking my Creator for another day. The demons were left there on the floor though I encountered several all day yesterday in the form of tests for my spirituality. One person used the n-word as if he were legally insane … I called him ignorant and moved on. There was a bit of drama at work … I looked it in the face and did not react. Later, I was asked to pick up some supplies for the center where I teach my Tuesday evening class and was able to do so with literally a few bills in my pocket, for which I was reimbursed immediately. Then on the way to do that, I encountered a traffic jam, did not move fast enough for a woman stuck in traffic who began to call me everything that my parents did NOT name me! I was motionless and waited for traffic to move. I headed to the H.E.R.O. office and had an exceptional class and held the patience of Job in my heart. I ain’t no super hero but I am taking a few more steps today in that direction of being a spiritual creature along this journey.

Leave the past behind . . . unless its lessons help you move forward. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


John I. Cook, Director

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