The Great Debate

Happy Hump Day, All!

The middle of the week is here already and the nation is preparing to hear the two parties’ representatives, incumbent Pres. Obama vs. Gov. Romney, lock horns tonight on national television. It is almost like a sporting event and I suspect there will be much attention given to it by the press. This election has brought friends and family members into heated arguments and even conflicts. I, too, have friends who have expressed “hard core” views on who they are supporting and the reasons as well as who they are NOT supporting and those reasons, too.

Normally, and it will stay that way, Educational Excellence does not get too deep into political or religious issues. I almost hate to say it, but, “to each his own” … view, that is. It is only natural that humans be permitted to “say” whatever it is that they believe as long as it does not cross the line into deviant behavior and illegal actions. We live in a world that is plagued with competition even in the most unsuspecting areas including children’s sports right up to political and religious arenas. I try to stay calm and take two steps back, so to speak, from any actions or points of view before making a commitment or taking a stand. I simply like to analyze a situation before diving in “head first”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has released his book, Total Recall, and much of the literary, political, talk show and family circles have a lot to say about it. Many people say he should not have published this book with “too much information”. I guess each of us has skeletons in our closets and some of us may want to keep them there while others would rather expose them.

Years ago at City College here in Fort Lauderdale, I used to teach debating. The students loved the class as they often got to debate on issues that were close to their hearts. Sometimes, students had to support an issue that they didn’t necessarily agree with. I always encouraged them to maintain a cool head and stick to the facts.

No matter which candidate you support and the issues you are in favor of, I hope that you enjoy the “great debate” tonight as there will be more to come!


John I. Cook, Director

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