Happy Monday, All!

It is also the first day of October 2012. I was driving down Las Olas Blvd. here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL last night and there was an area reserved with gorgeous table settings underneath equally decorative tents with a banner saying “Oktoberfest on Las Olas”. The Las Olas Neighborhood Association really does some fantastic things there but this was my first time seeing this celebration set up there in my more than 15 years living here! Foods and beverages were being served as people sat outside underneath the tents enjoying the night air last evening.

I hope your weekends went well. Mine was particularly peaceful – perhaps the most peace filled “full moon” weekend I’ve had in a while. Yet, I did enjoy myself thoroughly hanging out both Friday and Saturday downtown. The weather was even great on Sunday! I am grateful.

Yesterday, I streamed service from Calvary Chapel and there was a guest speaker, Mr. James Mc Donald. He was intriguing, interesting, funny and … on point! The topic was “miracles” – not like Smokey Robinson and The Miracles – but, those things that people want to happen … just because they need a miracle. Some people may need a miracle but not know what they entail. Mr. Mc Donald spoke about those miracles produced by faith and works. His introduction was interesting because he mentioned that the last time he was at CC, his mother was alive but struggling with ALS. He talked about her passing and her funeral, which he preached. It hit home for me because I spent both Saturday and Sunday with my good friend from White Plains whom I grew up with there – Peter Zachary, Senior Vice President for First Miami Securities – who is suffering from ALS. He hasn’t been in the office in months now because he physically can not do anything on his own …. Peace be still.

Mr. Mc Donald emphasized that miracles flow through what we have, and, that miracles occur when you do something or are active. One must first appreciate what we may have – friends, family, job, health, personal qualities and the like – because it is through those “things” that a miracle will develop. It takes work, often what some people don’t see, like faith and prayer as well as a positive attitude and belief. Miracles don’t just happen with the “wave of a magic wand”, it requires a tremendous amount of work. And, they don’t just happen because we want them to.

So, as you go through this week day by day, count your blessings, stay active and realistic about “life”, learning from the lessons we experience each day along this journey. Perhaps you may be part of someone’s miracle or be the vessel through which a miracle flows.

Peace always,

John I. Cook, Director

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