Happy Friday, All!

Let’s go for it! T.G.I.F.!

How has your week been? You know it is the last one in September 2012, right?! Some of us may say, “Yeah, so … who cares!?” I do, because I got to spend another week of life with you guys and gals! I am sure it may sound kind of corny but I really do appreciate you all! It has taken me some time to build this e-mail family. Some of you may remember how we met, where we were and maybe even what was going on in our individual lives at that time. I have some fond memories connected with each of you and I still thank you for being a part of this e-mail family! As they say in Cali, Colombia: “Un abrazo!” (A hug!)

The topic of friendship is one that has been intriguing to human civilizations from the beginning of recorded history. It has been defined by Webster and redefined by every generation. Its meaning changes from culture to culture and often times is characterized a bit differently by each ethnic group. What is a friend? We could have this discussion through eternity and still never agree exactly on what it is.

Here in South Florida, in fact, just around the corner from where I live, there was a motorcycle cop from the Broward Sheriff’s Office who was killed a few days ago when a woman driving a Mercedes Benz was “high tailing” it through an intersection. It was not stated that she ran a red light but she hit the motorcycle officer as he was heading West on McNab Road, which is half a block from where I live, and she was heading North on Andrews Ave., which is where the gym is that I attend just a short distance from here as well. His motorcycle was literally “trashed” by the impact and he was in critical condition. Other BSO motorcycle officers traveled with the ambulance to the hospital, stayed and prayed for his recovery with his family members. He died soon after. A motorcade of motorcycles was immediately organized as BSO prepared to mourn his expiration. Friends, maybe?

Just a few days ago, I visited the doctor since the company I work for got insurance and other “bells and whistles” for many of their employees including me. So, I saddled up, had two strips of bacon and an egg with coffee Wednesday morning and went to the doctor. He gave me a “complete checkup” and referred me for blood work and an MRI for my left shoulder which I mildly injured several years ago lifting weights and sleeping on one shoulder. He also told me that my blood pressure was a bit high, not enough to worry, but he prescribed some blood pressure medicine in the event that on my next visit, it was still a bit high. I posted something about it on Facebook and many many people replied with suggestions for lowering it based on their own experiences. I am not a big medicine person and most people offered dietary changes. When I thought about the potato chips I ate almost everyday, since they taste so good, even the two strips of bacon I had eaten that same morning, and read some of my Facebook friend’s suggestions, I realized that it was more a dietary thing for me that I could change easily. Were these people friends?!

Do you have any examples of friendship? Please keep in mind, if you or anybody you know may want to follow and contribute to Educational Excellence’s blog, you can hyperlink on the webpage just below my name here, as I also post these e-mails on Word Press. You may feel free to add your thoughts and opinions about the topics I introduce as well as my take on them. I write from the heart, as my friends have learned, and in addition to being a marketing tool for the business, it also helps keep my writing skills sharpened as I pursue some of my other projects. (These posts also go out to an e-mail family so if you are reading on Facebook, pardon the references to them!  However, they are very special friends!)

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend, friends!


John I. Cook, Director

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