Generation Lost?!

Happy Hump Day, All …

Well, I didn’t use the usual exclamation point after “… All” this time because I am feeling lots of sympathy for the family and fellow students and friends of the young man who just graduated top of his class from a prep school in Miami, FL and had entered The University of Florida in Gainesville. Apparently, this young man got into a disagreement with a “friend” from the same high school who also was attending The University of Florida with him. The main suspect, Pedro Bravo, says he beat Christian Aguilar and left him in the woods and initially stated he was badly hurt. Bravo was at first giving information regarding the event since Aguilar has not been found for five days now. Bravo can no longer answer questions regarding Aguilar’s disappearance because he has hired an attorney.

Now, I am not sure but I’m thinking there has got to be more to life after high school than this type of drama! What are the young people thinking?! Are they so disillusioned or caught up in daily trivia that they can not see their futures clearly anymore?! It has also been suggested that this “generation lost” is, in fact, suffering from the question of jobs, opportunities as well as leadership in our country today. College costs are soaring, options are limited while “positive” role models and hope are dwindling. Could these things be the source of their discontent and the reasons they display such erratic behavior? Thank God I have some college friends whose kids are off to college, some of them have completed college, doing well academically and with athletics … so I know it is possible.

Just this morning in Lauderhill, FL which is not unlike most cities in the USA, there was a home invasion which resulted in multiple shooting deaths, motives and suspects are still unclear. Are there any easy answers to this unrest? Do you have a clue? Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed … and simply seek to maintain a personal peace and love for myself and others, when possible, and continue to reach out to today’s youth in hopes of touching a heart and sparking hope in their lives.

Have a great day, wishing the search party well in Gainesville … if you will, and keep hope alive!


John I. Cook, Director

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