Let Your Light Shine

Happy Monday, All!

Most weekends for me nowadays are good … so to speak … as long as I live to talk about it on Monday! I remember when I was younger and all the hooping and hollering and partying (dancing) as well as all the places I had to say I had been to over the weekend. Now, I still like to enjoy myself and go places and do things, dance and hang out. Yet, I cherish each moment more and more as I seek to feel good about myself and the world we live in. I try to be around people that know me and respect me (they don’t have to agree with me!) and share similar values as I do. So I had a good weekend! How about you?

These past few months have nearly flown by. Life appears to continue to have its ups and downs. Last night, I watched “60 Minutes” and saw the President speak about his campaign and the world affairs, both here and abroad. I listened to Gov. Romney agree with the interviewer from the show that “Washington is broken!” How comfortable is it living in a country where people are discussing the fact that our nation’s capitol is broken? This is one of the main reasons I seek to transcend all of the confusion and conflict that people seem to enjoy generating on many many levels and arenas that us humans frequent. Do you think this country is the only one that appears “broken”? How does it make you feel? Can a president “fix” it?

Most of the time, people … us humans … live each day and ignore whatever seems to bother us or is not relevant to our “getting what we want” out of life. Now, I don’t seek to escape these things but I keep that “getting what I want” thing in check. I see the same injustices and unfairness, inequality and conflict, confusion and fighting all around, too. I just choose NOT to get involved in it and seek to throw a positive spin on whatever I can, seeing as there is enough negativity going around and many humans seeking to spread more. I find my comfort in prayer and meditation, yoga and writing, and just being kind to my fellow humans. Of course, there are those moments when I have to just get people and ideas, pressures and annoyances “up off of me”, so to speak, in the most humble and tactful way I know how so as not to add to the conflict and confusion, which there is also enough of now, too!

I simply seek to let my light shine … How about you? Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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