…. Liberty and Justice ….

Happy Friday, All!

As often as I can, I like to T.G.I.F.! That’s right … I am at it again!

Another week has come to a close. Fall is officially setting in this weekend and it is getting dark earlier outside and temperatures are beginning to drop as summer screeches to a halt. I would like to thank those of you who read these e-mails and stories from EE and me, as well as thank those of you who take time to respond. I realize that we may not always agree, which is normal, yet I do encourage each of you to reply or respond whenever you wish. I am not one to “shoot from the hip” so to speak, and I usually choose my words carefully nowadays. And that is not just for you, of course, it is for me! I do reiterate time and time again, that if you’d like to be removed from the e-mailing list, just let me know. Otherwise, thanks for reading, and, if you like, pass EE and me on! Thanks!

Here in Florida, we have had both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney campaigning hard. With the secretly recorded tape of Romney’s comments at a fund raiser in Boca Raton, FL appearing, more energy has been placed in both party’s strategies as they seek to win over as many Hispanic voters as possible. There is more activity in the Brewer kid’s case where four or five teens have been charged with lighting him on fire and egging each other on, so to speak. We are approaching the third anniversary of this incident in October and Brewer’s mother just wants to get it over with already so she, her son, and their family can begin to heal “spiritually” and not come back to court to entertain another “twist or turn” in the events that has scarred this young man’s life forever.

As well, there has been some new developments in the Trayvon Martin case with DNA evidence being presented indicating that Zimmerman indeed had the 9mm pistol in his hand, and, contrary to Zimmerman’s accusation that he shot Trayvon because they struggled over the gun, which suggests self defense in the shaky “stand your ground” law defense he is using, none of Trayvon’s DNA was found on the pistol AT ALL! Believe it or not.

I am living in a country that was built on various “natural rights”, and among them were ” … liberty and justice …”, which are probably one of the hardest ingredients to provide in the history of human civilizations. I think back sometimes to the days when I taught “World History” and we talked about “Hammurabi’s Codes of Law” and what some of the consequences must have been when someone was found guilty … and perhaps, were innocent … with the “eye for an eye” approach of many of those codes. We experience the same kind of questioning of the legal system to this day as a result of the legal system used today in the USA as well as in other countries. Imagine having your hand cut off when you actually didn’t steal anything?! No reversal of that, right?! Enough said.

So in closing, I would simply like to wish each of you and your loved ones a wonderful weekend … ” … with liberty and justice for ALL!”


John I. Cook, Director

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