Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Happy Monday, All!

Yes, of course, I am hoping that your weekends went well. Nowadays, with so much information being shared, one may wonder what “doing well” means anymore. Peace be still …

Well, the weekend for me was greatly needed – I enjoyed celebrating birthdays with two friends, one had a party at my favorite night spot in Fort Lauderdale that was off the chain. Everybody had fun and nobody got hurt! We all did well. Saturday was kind of a blur though not for reasons that one might think. In other words, I ran errands, did some light shopping, reorganized my work area here at my flat and had somewhat of a quiet evening. I like Sundays more and more because I often promise myself to “enjoy the place where I pay rent”! This past Sunday was rainy in the morning so it caused me to stream the service at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, FL which is just down the street from where I live. Sunday afternoon and evening was spent watching football, eating, watching more football and eating some more!

The topic that Pastor Bob has been working on for the past few weeks is “God’s Gifts”. Now, to look at this subject without bias, some of us may have to sit down. What I like about this series he has been putting together is that he highlights the fact that we ALL have gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator, the DNA and genetics from both parents, as well as those gifts that may have been custom built by our experiences and developmental period’s environment. Have I covered all bases? Probably not … but let me know what you think I missed! So yesterday’s service’s message was focusing on discernment in regards to utilizing ones gifts for the betterment of humanity … and ones self! He used the example of someone who wanted to be involved in the church’s missions field. Were they interested in missions so that they could travel around to different places on the church’s budget? Would they complain about the housing and food? Or would they participate and aid in developing others interests in serving God? Are we each truly in our chosen profession and seeking to aid in the betterment of our world as we know it today? It is the kind of thing that makes you go ” … hmmmm ….”.

The theme of the service was so cool as it linked into the title of the e-mail today although I don’t plan to go into any details … just plant the seed so that we don’t forget who the “99%” are and what the “Occupy” movement stands for and represents. I grew up in a family with a mother who was always involved in community affairs. My dad, on the other hand, was a much more private citizen type. I think back to my days working for ACORN as a community organizer and foreclosure specialist training in Nashville, TN; establishing an ACORN group in a neighborhood in Orlando, FL; and then working with foreclosure clients here in Broward until the organization was forced to shut its doors for good! So, my heart is still open to and close to the message of the “Occupy” movements worldwide though I do believe it represents the core of an economic “sore”, so to speak, that has been plaguing our country and our world for some time now!

Today is the first anniversary of the movement so, while it may have lost momentum, it has not lost its relevance to the country and world we live in!


John I. Cook, Director

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