The Human Condition

Happy Friday, All!

Once again, T.G.I.F.! While I feel relatively “really good” about life, I have some sad feelings in the corner of my being. Of course, the whole world is watching the USA and our Commander in Chief, Pres. Barack Obama and this nation’s response to the mayhem, hatred and confusion from Libya to Cairo and some of the other “hot spots” in the powder keg Middle East. The sadness is there because, as our nation sought to somberly acknowledge, not celebrate, and commemorate those who lost their lives in the horrendous “9/11 Attacks”, there were elements of the Muslim world who decided that this was a day to attack the US Embassy in Libya and kill innocent people … AGAIN … who were actually working hard to help THEM! Believe it … or NOT!

I was baffled by this, and then, to hear that the attack in Libya was spurned as a cry of outrage for a “sidewalk made” film about the prophet Muhammad of Islam that depicted the prophet as a madman. So, I am still in shock about the lack of clarity of this equation. How does one “cause” the other? I mean, are people really expecting Pres. Obama, who didn’t make the film nor authorize it, to understand that this is the reason for killing three Americans in Libya? I also wonder if “they”, this group of purported Muslim activists, think that Pres. Obama should get on television or make an announcement apologizing for the “F-rated” movie producer’s images of the Prophet Muhammad. When I saw them yelling, with jackets and ties on, on the news last night, I wondered if this is what the “human condition” has actually fallen to in these days and times?

In researching the title for this piece, short as it may be, I came across a photo used for a “vimeo” production by Chet Fowler of Ministry Village that addresses the concept of the human condition and decided to borrow the cover photo to place on my Word Press blog/website, which you can also visit by clicking on the link below my name and the organization’s name – Educational Excellence, to see previous writings, etcetera.

Yet, I close this communication in my traditional way, wishing you all … all the best!

In Peace and Love,

John I. Cook, Director

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