Core Values

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

It is the day after the eleventh year of one of the most horrific events on the soil of the United States of America, as we know it. It is amazing to think back as we should every year, perhaps even more often than just the date “9/11” to remember that we are ALL Americans, including our President Barack Obama. It was nice to hear that he and Romney had taken all negative and inflammatory commercials off of the airwaves to demonstrate and acknowledge that there should be no divisions in commemoration of this day.

One of my favorite little stories on the personal side was that I had actually gone to my 25th anniversary at Princeton University with my ex-wife, Simona, in June of that same year. She is from Romania and had never seen some of the sights of NYC, including The Twin Towers, the Empire State Building and places where I had grown up in Westchester. So we did as much as we could, which included seeing The Towers just months before the attack. I have a photo, which I may have mentioned previously, taken from the ground level in NYC of the Towers, which, when it was taken, had a cross on the top of a church placed oh so ominously between The Towers. It was taken by Michael Joseph, and, I keep it there in the restroom on the wall as a daily reminder for me of several of my core values.

As we move forward, no pun intended, in the upcoming election, may we not lose sight that we are ALL Americans, regardless of our differences, and behave that way before, during and after the election.

Have a great day!


John I. Cook, Director

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