Seasonal Changes

Happy Monday, All!

First of all, I want to apologize for the misspelling of the word “work” in my Friday e-mail entitled, “Work Together”. A few of you had fun with me and wrote me back asking me what is “worlk”! So, I didn’t tell anybody this but when I was editing the e-mail, as happens from time to time with my laptop, my finger tip (still don’t know which one) put the cursor in my subject area and although I re-read the body several times looking for errors, I didn’t look in the subject area! Secondly, I want to simply state that I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty quiet though I did venture out a few times downtown and to “the Strip” of Ft. Lauderdale’s Beach area.

I also stopped over to hang out with my long time friend Peter Zachary at his home in Plantation, FL. There were a few of us around the house on Saturday but I didn’t stay too long, so I went back Sunday just to say hi. Another friend was supposed to come to the FTL since she lives in the Miami area to chat about book writing and outlines, and a surprise topic came up regarding a network marketing idea using a cell phone as the core of the business. Thanks for stopping by, Sherry, with such an interesting idea!

If you are like most people, it should be an interesting yet annual change to football season, USA style. Now there is also the “futbol” of spanish speaking and European countries which refers to soccer so I clarify with American football. How did your favorite team do? Was the house or apartment all crazy? Is anybody tailgating at the college games yet? Such an exciting time of the year that comes with the seasonal change of summer to fall. Here in the tropics, we are facing the peak of hurricane season while in points North of here, the season marks its change with the changing colors of the leaves on the trees as they prepare for the winter chill. I’ve got so much catching up on projects and loose ends that I sometimes disappear on the weekends and reorganize things both mentally, spiritually and physically. This was one such weekend that passed.

Of course, I would like to close with a warm American memory of those we lost several years ago after “9/11” and hope that the loss of loved ones has begun to heal in the hearts of so many of us, both American and from the international population, especially those who lost loved ones in one of the three places where the attacks were staged. May we never forget the horror of that morning and always be on the look out for suspicious acting people, and, for an opportunity to step up and help our fellow human in the face of danger, harm or an attack.


John I. Cook, Director

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