The Mayan Calendar

Happy Friday, Earthlings!

Yes, and since I am still here today, I’d like to say T.G.I.F.! What about you?

Stories of long ago, often called “history”, fuel our intrigue regarding what we can anticipate in the future. It is like everybody has a take on what’s going to happen if …. You can complete the sentence as well as I, if you like. The thing that drives my curiosity is where do us Earthlings get these predictions from? Do some of us have supernatural powers while others are just occupying space (or Wall Street!) in these bodies until they each expire? How optimistic that type of thinking is, right?!

Do you think anyone predicted that Hurricane or Tropical Storm Isaac would hit New Orleans “7 years later and 7 hours earlier” than Hurricane Katrina did? If so, why didn’t they tell somebody!?! We are facing probably one of the hardest times in human history, economically, physically, emotionally and yes …. spiritually! Believe it … or not! Everyone talks about what would have happened and what should have happened, and, the funny thing (or tragic thing) is that people believe them. It depends on how high up “the totem pole” you are as to whether people believe you or not. It also depends upon how much fanfare and fiasco one puts on in presenting ones point of view! Very few people listen to what they are being told, and, even fewer people are able to process what they are being told and simultaneously compare it to a situation that one has witnessed and experienced that may support or refute what one is being told at any given time.

Some of us are still anticipating what may happen on December 12th, 2012! What do you think will happen? “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”, as the pop group Chicago sang many years ago in one of their popular tunes! You can look at the lyrics when and if you’ve time or interest. Us Earthlings like being a part of a group, a family, cheering for a particular team or state as much as some of us like affiliating ourselves with a particular political party. Aren’t we already part of one of the most spectacular miracles of the galaxy as we know it? Do we have any pride in our existence here on planet Earth while it appears we have lost our direction as a civilization? Can we really rise above a particular affiliation and be proud that we are Earthlings together on a journey? Well … if that is too much to think about, then, we may be suffering from and simply be characteristic of “the sign of the times” we live in . . .

Enjoy the beautiful “Blue Moon” tonight, and, all in all, have a great Labor Day Weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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