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Happy Hump Day, All!

Well, it is mid-week of the last week of August and there is a full moon rising going on. Tonight is “Bike Night” here in Ft. Lauderdale and I miss riding the Night Hawk on days like these. However, I would much rather have a vehicle with a roof when it comes to the rainy and hurricane season like we have been experiencing here these past few months. Life is full of changes, and, it is imperative to be able to adjust to the times and circumstances and make a change.

So, this past weekend, starting Friday, it seems the ethernet connection shut down on my desk top computer, which is a 6 year old Hewlett Packard Pavillion. I called Comcast who sent two techs over to test the equipment first and, as I suspected, the modem was faulty as well. So, they changed that, and I had to switch my laptop over to the landline in my flat. Of course, there were some connections that I was not familiar with as well as a lot about the laptop that I was not familiar with since I hadn’t used it much. Hint: It was time to start using it more, which was why I got it for Christmas – to complete my third book – and now was the best time! Imagine that, planning ahead “paying off”, in a sense, though not monetarily … not yet, at least! So, Educational Excellence is up and running from a laptop and all the things I had done on the desk top I am now doing with the laptop …. believe it or not!

The Republican Convention has kicked off here in Florida, though a bit North of here in Tampa. That is where my mother grew up in the area of Ybor City and Lakeland. Memories of trips there when I was just a kid still meander through my thoughts from time to time. I have noticed, as well as the rest of America and the world, that this presidential campaign and election is a lot less civilized than anything I have witnessed in my lifetime, at least. Between the two parties, I have noticed much more wide spread mudslinging, and to me what appears to be very calculated “unprofessionalism”, though to me, one side is far more hostile than the other. True, it is the sign of the times. Yet, for me, it demonstrates and illustrates how far down we have fallen in terms of trying to win something while attempting to discredit the competition. It seems that one party has a lot more money and resources to “sling mud” and has utilized a lot more techniques to see if they can literally “brainwash” Americans into voting one way or another. One party is actually preying upon the ignorance and emotions of either racist citizenry or emotional citizenry to dull their intellectual abilities, whatever that may be, and choose a more hostile purportedly “American Way” to secure the White House! Sometimes, this election campaigning seems like an episode from “The Little Rascals” as Spanky and his gang of multicultural friends are trying to keep Butch and his cronies from tearing apart “Our Gang”. But this is a lot more serious … it is national politics, which in turn will effect the way we are seen by the rest of the world … and each other.

I’m done here … I don’t talk much about politics from Educational Excellence’s platform … so, I’m done!


John I. Cook, Director

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