“What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?”

Happy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well. While I haven’t heard much else about the shooting in New York City by the disgruntled fashion design worker who had been laid off, I did hear that all of the “other” people who were shot were shot by the New York City Police Department …. hmmmmm ….

Here in South Florida, we have been facing winds and rains from Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. It will become an official hurricane once it reaches category one status and the winds inside the core have reached a certain mph. It seems that we have “dodged a bullet”, so to speak, and we have been spared destruction like the damage in disaster ridden Haiti since the storm has gone to the Gulf of Mexico. I am glad for that. The decision has been made to move forward with the Republican (GOP) Party Convention scheduled for Tuesday in Tampa, FL. As well, I am glad for that! New Orleans may be the next target as it approaches the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Yesterday was a fair day after a weekend of hanging with friends downtown Fort Lauderdale and enjoying several “hurricane parties”! I hunkered down at home, made my favorite Sunday morning breakfast of French toast and bacon with a scrambled egg and coffee on the side. I also streamed service with Pastor Bob at Calvary Chapel where the 12:30pm service was somewhat well attended by people in spite of the rampant wind and rains. The topic for the sermon is the same as this e-mail’s title – What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Now most people would respond, “Oh I always know what I am going to do at all times!” out of pride or a desire to seem that one is always in control of things. Yet, most of us humans know that we learn through trial and error HOW to decide what to do in different situations, especially since life is unpredictable and we can never determine what we are going to face let alone how to face those situations. While I have made some hasty decisions in the past, I have learned to take more time in determining how I will respond to any given situation. In fact, the most valuable tool for me is to adopt an attitude of peace, avoid violence and seek the best “teaching perspective” to handle any given situation. Pastor Bob was cool, humorous and honest as he mentioned how when faced with situations and decisions for this weekend, he was helped by his wife to remember how Jehoshaphat handled some Biblical situations that he was faced with by keeping his eyes on God.

Usually, there is no easy way of handling difficult decisions which is why it is exactly that – a difficult decision. One thing I have come to grips with in facing difficult decisions is to stop and count to ten … meditate or pray … to reduce the amount of emotional energy that may hinder my thinking process. In addition, I think of others who may be affected by my decision … those who love me as well as those who would only talk about me. Finally, I look for an opportunity to learn and teach all involved and affected by my decision. That all takes time! Pastor Bob’s decisions for the church service as well as scheduled guests for Sunday afternoon and evening services took into account similar considerations, yet on a much higher scale than anything I have ever faced!

What about you? Have you thought about that lately? If not, do so. If so, perhaps, you could re-examine your “steps” to what to do … when you don’t know what to do! Otherwise, continue your life of perfection.

Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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