Hurricane Isaac?

Happy Friday, All!

Yes, as is customary, T.G.I.F.!

Well, it seems we have made it through another week so far, right?! Another day along this journey, another day in “Paradise” … Well, except perhaps for Lance Armstrong, former 7 Title Holder for the Tour de France, who has ended his fight against doping charges in professional cycling … hmmmm. While there seems to be a dispute regarding who has jurisdiction over anti-doping activities, the USADA has promised to strip Armstrong of his titles and impose a lifetime ban on him forbidding Armstrong to participate in any professional cycling activities hereafter. It was nice to see that NO Americans have suffered such a fate in the stellar performances in the Olympic Games in London 2012 thus far. May we continue in that manner.

Here of late, there have been comparisons of the tropical storm Isaac to the historical Hurricane Andrew approximately twenty years ago. In South Florida, preparations have begun for its ETA this weekend. As it’s wind and rain bands threaten to hit Puerto Rico, Haiti and The Dominican Republic, Cuba is the next target, as indicated by the “cone” of travel for the storm. People in “The Keys” are still enjoying the fine weather as of last night. While many South Floridians think that the storm will not affect us here, there are others who are taking preventative measures to protect their homes and families from any potential danger. Though I live fairly close to convenience stores and have enough water for my household, I may pick up a few canned goods this weekend just in case.

There are a lot of jokes going around with the photograph of Isaac from “The Love Boat” on the “cone” and its path, I can only provide one … my father’s name (RIP since 1989) is Isaac Henry Cook, and I follow in his footsteps with the name of John Isaac Cook! Not funny?! Well, I guess you are right … because we both are tender “Teddy Bears”, so to speak, but not afraid to defend ourselves and our families. It would be nice to have a somewhat “storm-less” weekend, especially with all the comparisons to Hurricane Andrew two decades ago. Still, better safe than sorry!


John I. Cook, Director

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