Back To The Beginning

Happy Monday, all!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well and that you were able to rise and shine this morning with a song in your heart, if only of peace and gratitude. I have been feeling pretty good health wise, and was able to make it to the gym four times last week just to keep this body in moderate shape … while I can. You may recall an e-mail I sent last week entitled “Back To School Days” but more importantly, it is taking place today in South Florida’s public schools and some colleges, too! I remember the excitement even when I taught surrounding a new school year. While there was always lots of work and changes in our schedules and class rosters, there was always some underlying excitement to tackle a new school year together.

Yesterday, I visited my good friend with many members of his family there as well. I mention him because he has not only a daughter who is beginning her senior year, but a nephew on the west coast of Florida who starts college today! His daughter was all excited about last minute school shopping as well as what she may be pursuing in her college years to follow. It’s so nice to see the youth being excited in a positive way about life. I even noticed on Facebook that two college chums, Lee Blair and George Branche, both have kids in college, the former’s son finishing his last year and playing lacrosse, and the latter’s daughter starting her first year!

While we had a lot of rain this weekend, which was needed, I was able to get things done including a nice long rainy afternoon nap on Saturday after running errands all morning. Saturday night, I joined a good friend and a few of her friends at Blue Martini to celebrate her birthday. Her actual birthday is Wednesday but we got a head start on things! Sunday morning I made breakfast and washed and dried clothes simultaneously, and, streamed a very cool service from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Pastor Bob was back at the podium and had a super message for us regarding our Creator (God) and the gifts bestowed upon each of us – God’s Gifts. I enjoyed his presentation as he continued to take words out of a box that illustrated and stated different gifts that each of us may receive from birth or training or natural interest. He also mentioned “the fruits of the spirit” including peace, love, forbearance, kindness, gentleness of spirit and self control. For me, these things are most important in living a fruitful life and in maximizing our individual gifts.

After giving my co-worker and good friend Marie Achille a call yesterday, it has been discovered that H.E.R.O. will be receiving another donation of book bags for some of the families who didn’t get them the weekend before last when she had the “Back To School” program here in Oakland Park, FL. I called one of the parents to let them know that the book bags/back packs should be available Tuesday (tomorrow) and I hope to pick them up from Marie and deliver them to the mother and kids.

May we continue moving forward even when things in life take us “back to the beginning”!


John I. Cook, Director

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