“Pomp and Circumstance” and “Plain Old Fun”!

Happy Monday, People!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well, because it is Monday, the first day of another new week here on the planet Earth. Anybody know what’s going on on Mars?! (Still silly sometimes, ain’t I!) Whatever you did, I hope you each had a chance to look at the final events of the 2012 Olympics there in London, perhaps watch the highlights of the events, and certainly take in the televised festivities of the “Closing Ceremony”. It is stuff like that that makes me be glad that I am a citizen of the Universe, residing here on the planet Earth … for real this time! I enjoyed watching the USA Men’s Basketball Team put the brakes on Spain’s very competitive and competent Olympic team that consisted of 6 or more players from NBA teams here in the States, too! Yet, the boys in “The Red, White, and Blue” pulled it off in stellar style. Thank you team USA … in general. I remember when I was just a kid and watched the Olympic Games for the first time in amazement, awe and wonder! How cool that must be to practice and train to reach peak performances. Then, be eligible to compete amongst the best in the world in the events that one has trained for!

I had a variety of emotions as I watched world records being broken, saw the disappointment on the faces of those who didn’t win a medal at all. In particular, I enjoyed the comradery of the teams as individuals performed their tasks, excelled, and in many cases, succeeded at winning a medal for their country. I believe it was 19 year old Kirani James of Grenada who ran the 400 meter run and won the country’s first medal in Olympic history during these 2012 Games in London, and, it was gold! History was made in so many ways by so many individuals and I was glad to have witnessed it, if only on television.

Now, the Closing Ceremony took jumps all around the musical spectrum, including “The Spice Girls” who haven’t had a reunion in some years now. Even the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was caught busting some moves of his own on his feet at his seat during their spectacular performance. So many artist of British origin performed, both the new and the older ones, and there were several candid shots of Olympians like Missy Franklin enjoying these festivities in style – with the Team USA Official Olympic gear still on and busting moves of her own! How fantastic that must be to be so young and so gifted, and, to have a chance to compete in World Olympic Games at the tender ages of 15 and 16 years!

I think the world needed some unification activities in the form of healthy competition to challenge all of the international drama going on in the form of wars and unrest still plaguing our planet. Well, here’s to hoping your week can start out with a bit of pomp and circumstance and perhaps turn it in to plain old fashioned fun, like the Olympians enjoyed during the closing ceremony.


John I. Cook, Director

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