Monster’s On The Rise!

Happy Hump Day … all …..

I almost want to call it “Humble Hump Day” in acknowledging the losses of life at the Sikh Temple shooting in Wisconsin, as such events are indeed very humbling for many of us. I was just saying yesterday to a co-worker after listening to a recording of a patient who was going around her house looking for her doctor’s information and came back to the phone with one of our agents saying she was sorry that she took so long – “I have lung cancer”, she said gasping for air and humbly. I looked up from the desk and counted my blessings. The woman was 83 years old.

Well, I will be bluntly honest with you – since the Olympic Games 2012 in London have been being televised, I have spent many more hours than usual around and in front of my television. I had heard about this past weekend’s shooting at the Sikh Temple committed by Wade Page, a professed “white supremacist”, but I didn’t want to indulge much in looking at the details of it … until now. I was all caught up in the good vibes of healthy international sports and competition, and, while hearing stories and seeing clips on the news about the shooting, I didn’t dig any deeper. Another sad story, which many are calling domestic terrorism, involves a most peaceful group of people who more than any other differences, simply dress different in traditional Sikh clothing from India. They are not muslims, as if that would excuse the shootings, but many don’t see the difference and stereotype based on head gear and robe-like clothing.

This military veteran who was “discharged and deemed unable to re-enlist” seemed to have been on the rise for 10 years, as sources researching white supremacist movements here in the USA noted, but had never struck out on anyone. He apparently worked as an individual and had been a part of musical bands that embraced the “purify America” lyrics and tattoos as well as neo-nazism. As is often the case with such fragile souls, upon losing his job within the past month, he decided to buy a 9mm semi-automatic hand gun and take out innocent worshippers at an Oak Creek, WI Sikh Temple service. The Sikhs are non violent worshippers and invite any and all “other” religious groups to attend their services. In other words, you don’t have to be a Sikh, dress like a Sikh or talk like a Sikh to enjoy services at their temple. Not only the leader of the Sikh temple was killed, but there are at least 7 dead and more than 3 injured, and one police officer was shot 9 times by Wade Michael Page before dying. Page was also killed by a police officer at the scene.

Wade was no stranger to trouble nor the white supremacist movement and had a criminal record as well. They knew about him, why couldn’t something be done to stop him from getting to this point?!

In a closing note, I would like to simply say “thank you” to the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Team, as well as the Women’s Olympic Basketball Team, and let’s not forget about the Women’s Soccer Team that beat Brazil yesterday, who vowed to get the gold this Olympic after losing to Japan in Beijing! May the games continue ….


John I. Cook, Director

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