Wonderful Weekend, Rainy Day Monday . . .

Happy Monday, All!

Yes, it is a very rainy morning here in South Florida! What about where you are? There is always so much going on that I must pick and choose what to highlight in these e-mails. Now, keep in mind that if you’d like to be removed from this illustrious list of “hand picked peeps”, so to speak, just let me know! Also keep in mind that this is a vehicle for marketing my services as an author, motivational speaker and a simple spirit of peace and eternal harmony. So, read the articles which are archived on my blog/website, you can even “score” them if you like and leave a reply or comment if the spirit moves you. In addition, please feel free to pass me on to others who may be interested in utilizing my services, since you all now know where I am coming from. Thank you!

Today, I would like to give a special shout out to a man that I met back in 1969 at a boarding school in Concord, NH. His name is Maurice Blake. He was the athletic director at St. Paul’s School when I attended back in September 1969, and, he was the head varsity football coach for my first season when I played split end for the “Paulies”. He is a legend in his own time, a military naval veteran, and, I also had the pleasure of being one of his players on the varsity basketball team for three years there in New Hampshire. I had received an academic scholarship along with maybe 25 or so other minority students whose assignment it was to integrate the previously white Anglo-Saxon boarding school that was also all boys for my first two years. Happy Birthday to Mr. Maurice Blake, whom we commonly called “Coach Blake”. I am hoping to get a chance to visit him and his wonderful wife, Mrs. “B”, sometime soon since he lives in New Smyrna, FL just up the coast from me here in FTL.

Not only did a rover land on Mars this weekend with phenomenal work by NASA, but Usain Bolt landed first in the Men’s 100 Meter Event for the Olympics, where he retains the title of the fastest man on Earth. Our American runner, Gatlin, took the bronze medal behind Jamaica’s Bolt and Blake who earned gold and silver, respectively. Makayla Maroney barely missed the Gold Medal for vaulting falling behind a Romanian vaulter, Sandra Izbasa, who scored very high to win the Gold Medal leaving Maroney with the Silver, which isn’t too shabby …. just unexpected. Tennis player, Edwards from Great Britain pounced on Federer gaining him the Gold Medal in Men’s Tennis, and, American Richards-Ross finally grabs the elusive Gold Medal for the Women’s 400 Meter Run, which she can lay “on top of” her husband’s two Super Bowl Rings, for a while, she says!

With all that said, I am hoping that we are each ready for a wonderful week. Distance finals occur this week and the Olympic Games 2012 will be coming to a close soon.

International Peace and Love,

John I. Cook, Director

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