“Still Some Nice People Left . . .”

Happy Hump Day, All!

It is also the first day of August 2012. It seems the year had gotten off to a pretty fast start and now we are past the halfway point. Could it be that it is true that time flies when you’re having fun?! With the state of affairs on this planet today, I am not sure if that is the predominant reason anymore. Yet, I must agree, full moon and all, that there are still some nice people left in the world today. There are so many points of evidence like from the aftermath of the horrifying “9/11” Events right up to and including the assassination attempt on Gabriel Gifford as well as the Colorado Movie Massacre Heroes.

Several readers wrote replies to my Monday e-mail and two focused on the speed limit “law” that I referred to as being 10 mph over the posted limit. That might only be true on major highways like I-95 and the like. One person stated “it had always been 5 mph over”, and, another reader stated “most agencies write a ticket at 7 mph” over the posted limit. One of my readers who knows the nature of DWB simply stated, “I am glad that you only got a ticket!”

So, me being the investigator that I am took the same route last night on my way back from the gym. All drivers were going 40 mph. Now, I didn’t mention that the police car was initially in front of me when I came off of I-95 Saturday/Sunday morn, took a right hand turn once I crossed the train crossing and two blocks later he ended up behind me tailgating to get a view of my tag. The zone posting there at the Pine Crest School was 35 MPH. As I approached the light to the street where if I turned left, I’d be headed to my flat, I continued straight towards the bank, where in fact, a minute or less after, the officer put on his lights. When I looked up, the sign posted in front of me was 30 MPH! One reader who embraced the 5 mph philosophy overage of the speed limit simply stated that I was wrong and the officer was just doing his job. My contention of course, was that the young man was rude and approached my vehicle and began questioning me as if he were a judge in the first place, which is something I don’t tolerate. Give me a ticket and be on your way, is MY philosophy. No one is to lecture me about routes I take to and from FTL beach in my own vehicle like this young cop was doing. I think most of us agree that it is a business, and, after noting that it was the end of the month, I concluded that the officer had a quota to meet or was seeking to out-do other officers in FTL! My attorneys will handle it for a small fee.

More importantly, I have learned this morning that writer, essayist, activist and probably one of the first American writers to speak out about homosexuality died yesterday – Mr. Gore Vidal. Vidal who never attended college is a distant cousin of Al Gore. Rumors had it that his mother, who hob-knobbed amongst the Hollywood, CA acting community, once had a relationship with Clark Gable. He, Vidal, was 86 and was said to have died of complications from an on going case of pneumonia. Known for his best sellers, “Myra Breckinridge” and “Burr”, Vidal stated in 2008 that, “… America is rotting away and Obama can’t save it!” May he Rest In Peace ….

Just yesterday, I was noticing a flurry of fees on my account with a local bank. So, I recalled that last Friday, I tried to make a deposit outside at one of the branches but the machine was not working. So, a teller motioned for me to come inside and make the deposit and stated that the bank would take care of any fees that were incurred from depositing inside, which is a rule they have. So I did … and yesterday, noticed a plethora of fees. So, I went back to that bank, spoke with a very professional manager (unlike the cop kid!) and he reversed ALL of the fees! There ARE still some nice people left out there, many of you, if not all, included.


John I. Cook, Director

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