“Pray . . .”

Happy Monday, All!

Yes, the weekend was decent for me, chock full of a lot of challenges. Yet, I am willing to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses, as well as others. There was a commercial on quite a bit during the Olympic Games 2012 in London that had a song that I used to listen to a lot called, “I’m Only Human!” It was pretty interesting, the commercial that is, as well as the memories it conjured up for me.

At one point this weekend, I had begun to worry a lot about things and situations that I face that seem insurmountable. Now the only thing I can say, for sure, is that I am alive today. A good friend of mine and his girlfriend apparently got into an argument at work. I have never really liked working where I have a girlfriend or significant other because everything spills over from home to the job and back again. We need some time to NOT be with loved ones whom we live with … just to breathe … or pray. So rumor has it that this caused a problem to the point where my friend quit his job! I was in shock. I can’t remember the last time I quit a job. So, I pray for them.

Saturday morning, I kind of slept in as I am still getting over the last traces of this cold/flu type thing that left me unable to go to the gym last week. Maybe I will try some yoga tonight. I got off of I-95 after getting an “el cheapo” car wash and had pulled over near the Main Library on Broward Blvd. to dry off some remaining water and clean the tires a bit more. I looked up and saw multiple fire rescue trucks parked near the library and, upon scanning the area, noticed a plethora of apparently homeless people scattered across the library lawn and even across the street from the library. Then, I heard someone yell out, “Pizza”! It was hot and a pick up truck pulled up and opened the back gate and began to pull slices of pizzas out of a box and give them to the people that approached the vehicle . . . I looked around, remembering having gone to soup kitchens and feeding locations myself and said quietly, “Thank God!”

It was a prayer for them . . . and a prayer for me. So I tried to enjoy the rest of my Saturday evening and coming home that night, I got stopped by a very rude police officer maybe two blocks from my flat. He started questioning me, and since I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, waited for the “speeding” accusation. I was going 40 mph in a 30 mph zone but one can travel 10 mph’s over the limit, especially since there was no traffic and only the officer and his partner and I were on the road. It didn’t go so well, he told me I was speeding, I told him I wasn’t and to do what he had to do. While waiting for the ticket which stated I was going 45 mph, his partner came to my vehicle and began to shine her flashlight through out the vehicle at every place except my face. She had an expression on her face like from a horror movie. I was the only chocolate chip in the cookie again . . .

When I finally got home, I checked some bills, laid down and prayed some more … Sunday was a day where I stayed home, streamed church service and watched Olympic games, chatted with a few friends by phone and computer . . . and prayed.

Have a peaceful week, y’all!

John I. Cook, Director

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