“I Want You Back!”

Happy Friday, All!

Of course, for me, perhaps for you … but T.G.I.F.!

Here’s another weekend at hand … hopefully filled with “Summer Madness”! Well, perhaps, I should just suggest a bit of a “Summer Breeze” or just “Summer Time” to name a few tunes that were popular when I was growing up! Will Smith’s remake of “Summer Time” is probably one of the most appropriate for this time since we’ve had enough “madness” this summer to last a life time, right!?

In light of all of the music that Michael Jackson left for us to enjoy, I’d like to wish and encourage (not that they’ll listen to me!) The Jackson Family to get their stuff together. I mean, drama is drama but this whole thing with Katherine Jackson and the kids has gotten a bit eerie, if I may say so myself. Suddenly, grandma is whisked away to a resort and loses all contact with Michael’s kids, whom she is responsible for as legal guardian. Then, all the talk about Michael’s will being phony just goes to show how greedy family can be over the money of a deceased member. Now, if you ask me, he left enough to go around but rumor has it that his will indicated his three kids and Mrs. Jackson to be the sole recipients of his money and estate. That might make the siblings a bit jealous but that was his wish!

So in thinking back to Michael’s soft voice when speaking, and, his dynamic powerhouse “dance” voice when he was singing, wouldn’t it be nice to hear them sing “I Want You Back!” just one more time to quell these questions of his will?

Have a great weekend and remember, “We Are Family!” and, all in all, it is “A Family Affair!”


John I. Cook, Director

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