The Mourning After . . .

It’s Monday . . . can I say “Happy Monday”? Well, here it goes . . . Happy Monday . . .

We who are reading this are still here. Hopefully, those you love and may be in part responsible for the fact that you ARE still here, also are still here. Peace be still . . .

I don’t know about you, but the relatively small office where I work in Boca Raton, FL was all abuzz Thursday, when that night was to be the first run of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. Everybody was all excited as we talked about where one could go to see the midnight showing! Now, I grew up on Batman and Robin and they are timeless superheroes in my book. What about you? So what happened in Aurora, CO with this young man whose obsession went beyond seeing the Batman movie? At what point, do you think, did his thought pattern differ from those people in my office who were excited to SEE the movie? Who did he think he really was? Had he created an image of himself as an “anti-Dark Knight” or something? To dress up in all black with a mask and armor, as well as to booby-trap his own apartment unbeknownst to neighbors and people at the shooting range as well as the location where he purchased these type of assault firearms without even a question, since he had no criminal record, and then buy a ticket to a movie theatre and prop the door open to the exit so he could re-enter and mass murder innocent people . . . is beyond my thought process’s comprehension.

In watching all the news coverage of this incident and, in particular, in watching “Dateline” last night, I was brought to tears . . . several times. I just couldn’t imagine what had happened, not to mention, WHERE it had happened nor WHY this kid did this horrific near satanic act! People go to the movies, as one woman said who was caught in the attack yet lived, because it is a safe place to relax and enjoy some time with friends, family and loved ones to kind of ” … get away from it all …” with NO inhibitions or fears of dangers that might be lurking at some back door! Where was this kid “wired” differently?

I was also very proud of the manner in which our president handled the movie massacre as he chose to visit families of those who lost loved ones, not as president, he said, but as a husband and a father who represented the entire country and shared on behalf of the entire country in mourning and remembering those who were injured and foremost those who lost their lives. Amongst those stories on the news and Dateline, there were many many heroes. Pres. Obama mentioned a story about the 21 year old girl who helped her girlfriend who was shot in a main vein in her neck, held the vain and simultaneously called “911” with the other hand, and … even helped to carry her across two parking lots to the waiting ambulance. Her girlfriend lived.

I know you have your own “moral of the story” because like me, you all weren’t born yesterday. So … reach out to your loved ones, your not so loved ones, even people you’ve had problems with in the past who might mean something to you.

In peace I come, and, in peace I hope to go …

John I. Cook, Director

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