“Is There Something In The Water?”

Happy Friday, All!

I will take a chance at saying this today … just because … T.G.I.F.!

Another warm summer weekend is upon us here in South Florida and other parts of the country, and, perhaps, the world! It is customary to always look on the bright side of things for me although it seems rather difficult in a world so full of fear and distrust. May we still seek and acknowledge positive elements in our lives today.

In the aftermath of the Josie Lou Ratley case, the jury has found young Treacy not insane, but guilty of attempted murder. I believe, rightfully so. Yet, the defense still argues that the initial interview of Treacy was withheld from the jury in which Treacy says he doesn’t remember what happened in his own brutal “boot kicking” attack on a defenseless Josie Lou. How could the defense seek to hang their hat on such a detail given the premeditated behavior that this kid displayed from a text? Is there something in the water?

Well, next to that, comes the incredible interview of George Zimmerman. I mean, talk about news sensationalism nowadays!? Though there are varied opinions still surrounding the OJ Trial, to me, this is in the same genre. Can a grown man actually state that he feels it was God’s will that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin? His interview disturbed me not only for that point but the tremendous acting job he did, obviously coached by his attorney, in depicting Trayvon as the one who threatened his life, punched and broke his nose, and, as he yelled for help with a 9 millimeter pistol on his waist, got his head banged on the ground by Trayvon, which, according to him prompted him to retrieve the pistol and shoot Trayvon in the heart? Believe this banter and I’ve got a bridge for sale! May we ask for a fair trial and still pray for peace for Trayvon’s parents in light of this ridiculous claim by Zimmerman.

Horrifying enough? Well, I just read that in Colorado, there was an attack by still another gunman …. at the midnight showing of the new Batman movie!! What the (expletive)! It will probably be another story of insanity or bath salts …. can we blame this one on God, too …. or is there something in the water?!

Try, if you will, to have a nice weekend!

Still … in peace,

John I. Cook, Director

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