Happy Hump Day, All!

This morning, I am up a bit early and have somewhat enjoyed the rainy night filled with thunder and lightening. This morning, it is the same here. Once again, I thank God and one of his angels that He sent my way to help me get a vehicle with four wheels and four doors! Me and the NightHawk have been together for 7 years … she served me well. I still have her covered up outside though the starter is in need of repair.

Back in the day, as I like to say, there was a song called “Razzmatazz” penned and composed, if I am not mistaken, by Quincy Jones. Quincy is a man who overcame a brain tumor, had it removed, and many say wrote some of his best music afterwards! Can we explain that?!

Yet, the song comes to mind when I think of a case that is being heard here in Broward County, Florida where a teenaged youngster took offense to a text sent to him by a much younger girl in middle school nearly two years ago. His name is Wayne Treacy and her name is Josie Lou Ratley. Many of you probably know the story, as we here in Broward County do, where, for some reason or another, Treacy’s middle school girlfriend used Ratley’s cell phone to text her boyfriend voicing Ratley’s disapproval of the 15 year old boy’s dating a middle school girl of 12 or 13 years of age. The exchanges heated until finally, Ratley sent a text to Treacy telling him to go visit his brother’s grave who had committed suicide some months earlier. This enraged Wayne Treacy to exclaim words of hate as well as death threats to Ratley … until he followed up on it that same day … at her middle school in Deerfield Beach, FL.

The rest is history, as we know that Ratley, who is still partially brain challenged regarding her memory, went through a horrific beating including steel toed boots that Wayne wore as he kicked her, and multiple blows to the head as Wayne punched and slammed her head into the cement walkway at her school’s campus. His attorneys are trying to use the “insanity plea” to prove that the comments made by Ratley drove Treacy insane and his behavior was not of his own . . . believe it, or not! So comes the word “razzmatazz” to my mind, since it is extremely difficult to prove insanity in a situation that most are calling “text rage”! What has happened to the days when kids could actually play and enjoy themselves in light of hurtful things that may have happened in their and our lives? May we continue to teach the youth, and some adults, to “Stop The Violence” …

“In playing, and perhaps only in playing, the child or adult is free to be creative.” – D.W. Winnicott

God, help me see the possibilities for play in the moments of this day. (TOUCHSTONES, July 11th)

Have a pleasant Hump Day, y’all!


John I. Cook, Director

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