Tally Ho!

Happy Friday, All!

And just in case you don’t want to say it today, I’ve got it for you – T.G.I.F.!

Can you believe it is almost July, and the 4th is right around the corner?!  Holy Independence Day, Batman!  Yes, yes, yes … I am feeling kind of childish today and try not to lose that bit of youth as I mature along this journey.  What about you all?  I also hope that you enjoyed the piece on Wednesday done by Ms. Gabe Tunnage on the 2012 Olympic Games.  I did!  Please, keep in mind, if you’d like to do something similar, E.E.’s pages are open!

In living in our world today, it seems we’ve gotten closer and knowledge is more available to us by using the internet and search engines like “Google” and “Bing”.  Yesterday at work, we were joking about how the use of Encyclopedias has become outdated, extinct perhaps!  Do any of you remember those things?  My parents had a set for us to use at home in our 3-bedroom apartment there in the Winbrook Housing Project in White Plains, NY and I can only tell you that there were many many a report written from information that we found in those now archaic things.  I still  remember how proud they were – my parents – when we got a new set to place on the bookcase in the corridor connecting the front rooms and kitchen to the bathroom and our three bedrooms – one for Edna and Barbara, one for Mom and Dad, and the one closest to the bathroom for me and Hank!  Those were the days, almost like “Good Times”!  (By the way, did you know that Jay Leno got his first acting role through the suggestion of Jimmy “J.J.” Walker as an extra in “Good Times”?  Saw it on the news yesterday!)

Anyway, I am psyched for Summer, as a college chum and his wife, Lee Blair and Toni, are in town this weekend.  We plan to meet tomorrow night.  And next week’s 4th of July is also my father Isaac’s birthday (RIP), and the following weekend on Friday the 13th, yep, is my birthday!  Is that enough to be excited about!?  Okay, then on the 12th of July, my college room mate from Princeton, Coach Armond “Doc” Hill aka “Army” I’ve recently learned, of the Boston Celtics will be in Orlando, FL for a golf tournament with Doc Rivers, and, on the 27th, former timbale player in our band from New York, Frank Jones, will be in Orlando, too!  I’ve got my friends in sight so . . . “Tally Ho!”

Have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!


John I. CookRed rose, Director


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