“Let The Games Begin!”

Howdy, Partners!

Happy Hump Day!

Just yesterday, I was on the favorite social network nowadays called Facebook.  A young lady that I refer to fondly as “my adopted spiritual daughter”, Natasha Carrilles, had posted something about changing your routine!  I jokingly responded, “Are you talking to me?!”  To which she replied, “No, mostly to myself.”  How sweet of her … how correct of her, as well.  So, today’s e-mail is a change of routine for me and EE.  I’ve a professional and personal friend, Ms. Gabrielle Tunnage, who replied to my Monday message about the Miami HEAT and stuff.  She simply said, “Hmmm.  No mention of the Olympic trials 100 meters women’s finals?”  So, I suggested she contribute to today’s e-mail!  Change!

Here it is:

While many of you watched the Miami Heat win the NBA Championship, others (me) watched the Olympic Trials for the games that are set to begin on July 27th in London.

The track and field semi-finals began on Thursday night and continued all weekend, with the most excitement in the Women’s 100 meter final that ended in a photo finish for third place. I am an avid fan of track and field, (I ran for Dillard High School, FTL back in the day) I continue to follow the sport, and love to watch the athletes give it their all to compete before the world. However, based on the photo-finish either Allyson Felix or Jeneba Tarmoh’s years of training may end with the toss of a coin. Now back in the day when there was a tie, we all looked forward to a run off. But it seems that Olympic Officials are looking to end this tie with the toss of a coin? How do you rationalize your hopes and dreams ending with the toss of a coin? I for one would rather see the young women determine their own fate, especially since they are training partners and share a coach. This is definitely a ‘to be continued’, since both will compete later this week in the 200 meter.  Maybe one of the two will qualify and both will be able to go. Oh be still my heart.
The swimming trails began last night and as most are looking for Michael Phelps to become the most decorated athlete in the world if he is able to earn gold again. Disappointment has already begun, as Bryan Clay faced several challenges and was eliminated and will not go to London in the decathlon.
So let the games begin!      (Author: Gabrielle Tunnage)
Gabe, as she likes to be called, worked with the Urban League of Broward County’s “Project Embrace” a few years back when me and EE were just getting started here in Broward County.  We are still friends, mostly by internet, and I welcomed her suggestion.  Do any of you have a suggestion or two for me?!  Feel free!  Maybe you’d like to send me an article of your choice!
Enjoy your Hump Day!
John I. CookRed rose, Director

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