New Day, A New Week … A Misty Morning Sunrise!

Happy Monday morning, All!

On days like this, here in SoFlo it is cloudy and the sky is completely grey, I need to recall how Robin Williams (comedian/actor) woke up the troops on the radio broadcast in Vietnam during that horrific war with: “Good Morning Vietnam!!!”  Then, of course, I want to reach the sleepy heads who are struggling to get out of bed today with all the warm weather in most parts of the world and summer has set in in the Western Hemisphere.

As well, here’s to hoping your weekends went well.  Now, I know there are some not Miami HEAT fans out there, which is cool.  Yet, I have to tip my hat to the boys for sucking up all the criticism and their own “non-championship” performance last year when they lost to the Dallas MAVERICKS in the finals, to put it together this year and show that they can win at least ONE NBA championship!  I am a fan of game of basketball and enjoy what for me is often like “ballet with a basketball”, silly right!?  Here in SoFlo, there were many many parties to celebrate the “White Hot HEAT” and their title, and, the parade is today.  I hope it is not a wash out for the sake of all the fans who will be showing up to support the team.

Saturday, I arrived at West Broward High School at 11AM where the coach there was having a tournament.  Now it was very unorganized, unfortunately, and communication was poor, as the venues changed and the times changed but the kids and parents remained supportive and helped make it work.  I was there almost all day Saturday to assist the head coach who had still more new players added to our chameleon team that very day.  The kids just wanted to play basketball!  The good thing was that when I arrived, there was a low buzz going on in the gym while the kids played.  People were looking around until one of the parents came up to me and asked, “Did you see who is here?”  I replied no to which he followed up, “Mike Miller from the HEAT is here.  His little boy is playing the next game!”

Mike had hit like 24 points or so in that final game, which is the most he has scored in a game with the HEAT ever!  I had seen him around Imperial Point where he and his family live, since he goes to the same Publix Supermarket where I shop.  It is an upscale neighborhood not too far from the flat where I live in Fort Lauderdale.  He has this swagger about him like he is always hurting.  He probably is, as his list of recent injuries is extensive.  So there he was with his lovely wife in jean shorts and sneakers and a t-shirt, wearing red shorts and a red t and matching cap turned backwards holding his little baby girl sitting on the side lines with all the other parents!  He was humble and kind and took pictures with nearly all the boys’ teams as well as the parents.  On his way out of the gym, I thanked him for hanging out with the kids, his wife chuckled at my comment and he gave me “five” and meandered out the door!

“Some people greet the morning with a smile, but it’s more natural to protest its presence with sleepy sulkiness.  ‘Who asked you to come again?’ we feel like saying to it, as if it were a most unwelcome guest.”   – Brendan Francis

Today, I will admit my true feelings and accept them as stepping-stones.

Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week!


John I. Cook, Director

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