Post Father’s Day: Love and Peace!


And a Happy Monday to you All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well, especially for the “Fathers” both near and wide, past and present … and those in the everafter … peace be still!

I can only say that the weekend was wonder-filled for me. You guys know I still like to hang out, listen to music, maybe even shake a tail feather with my friends at the local club. So, Friday night, Brian Sarceno whom we call “B-Love” had a gigantic birthday bash at Capone’s Nightclub in downtown Fort Lauderdale! It was pretty cool as there was a variety of entertainment including an ice sculpture and some Japanese style dressed Geisha Dancers! It was a fun time but I had to leave early to be up and at the dentist at 10am Saturday morning. A good time was had by all … and a safe time as well!

Saturday was an errand day and I ended it with a practice with the boys from the AAU Basketball League. We have our third tournament this weekend and for Friday’s game, I may be acting “head coach” since the organizer of the team who is the head coach can not get off work from his second job. I am prepared to step up to the plate and coach the boys for Friday. All in all we have 5 games this weekend.

Now as most of you may know by now, I am an avid fan of basketball and just love the level of competition this year in the NBA Playoffs! It has been stellar and obviously could go “either way”, as said by the players for the team known as the Miami Heat who seek to win their first championship with “The Big Three” representing the “305”. Oklahoma has a stellar cast as well and don’t seem to have any other intentions except winning, too! Yes, yes, …. I love this game!

Now Sunday was a “smash hit” where certain things that happened like getting a Happy Father’s Day wish from my only child – Ayanna Lynne. I also received a bunch of text messages, phone calls and e-mails from many friends and family members. As well as even a photo was posted on Facebook by my daughter as I held her on my lap and fed her some birthday cake during one of her early years birthday parties … I can only tell you how happy, proud and humbled I was by the kindness of she and so many many people including Sally Davis, a dear “new” friend. Yet, I would like to praise The Creator whom I choose to call God today for the blessing of being a father in someone’s life on such a special day. I even got a “love you/Happy Father’s Day” text from Tashi, whom I have been like a father to and she like a daughter to me in my years here in So Flo! What a joy … what a pleasure … what an experience that I will take with me to the grave and Heaven.

A warm thanks to Maureen Shimmon Leon who responded to my query on Friday why children have a seemingly warmer connection with mothers than with fathers, in general. She reminded me that mothers carry a baby in their bodies for 9 months or so, so a common bond is created from conception. Thanks, Maureen ….

Have a great week in Peace!

John I. Cook, Director

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