In The Beginning ….

Happy Friday, All!

Well, I know you are waiting for this, so … T.G.I.F.!  At least, I was waiting for it … that is Friday … and to thank My Creator for another opportunity to make a difference.

How has “life” been treating you lately?  Better yet, how have YOU been treating your “life”?  With care and precaution?  With love and understanding?  Are you getting to know yourself each and every day … those things that really “work” for you as opposed to those things you really “lust” for, in a sense?  I hope each of you are treating yourselves well.

Here of late, many changes have come to my own life, some of which I cherish while others I learn from and try to discard them quickly.  Have you ever considered how we were created?  Many of us have chosen the “Big Bang” theory, while others cling to the “Adam and Eve” interpretation of life.  Some of us don’t consider anything and live as we wish.  Yet, perhaps, there are those of us more concerned with spirituality than answering every scientific question with a provable fact!  That can be life consuming, if you will.

If you had a chance to speak with your Creator, what would you say to It!?  Do you meditate … or pray?  Do you care about anything other than your day to day conquests and achievements?  I know I have thrown out a lot of questions, many that I think about each day myself.  So, I try to study those who came before us … both human and apparently “super” natural, if you will.  I choose love!

“Come, Love! Sing On!  Let me hear you sing this song – sing for you and laugh, for I the creator am truly subject to all creatures.”   – Mechtild of Magdeburg

Praise the spirit of our Creator for all that is given to us.   (TOUCHSTONES June 8th)

Have a wonderful weekend!


John I. CookRed rose, Director

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