Under Dog!

Happy Hump Day, All!
Wow!  I just looked around at my desk calendar and wall calendar … and they were still on May!!!  My my my …. time flies … whether you are having fun or NOT!  As I sit composing these words, I have visions dancing ’round in my head, of things I need to do coupled with things I want to do. 
One of the reasons that me and Educational Excellence started was to lend a helping hand to young people in general, to share some “strength and hope” with them when needed, as well as to commune with friends and associates on the need for spiritual education, usually of ones self!  When we take pieces of our own lives and share them with others, we create a world of healthy communication, as long as the “pieces” are positive and spiritually based in love and peace.
Have you ever been an “under dog”?  Do you know what that is?  It is when people … just like ones self … decided to breathe negative energy into ones existence.  You know, say things like: “Oh she’ll never amount to nothing!”, or, “I knew so and so would end up like that!”.  Now, unfortunately, many times, this is true.  For that person has gotten on the “wrong road”, so to speak, and thinks she or he is doing everything right!  In addition, “underdogs” can be someone or something … even a team or a group … that has no chance of overcoming some odds that are apparently looming over them.  Choose your own scenario. 
I always cling to the fact that my parents, RIP, always wanted the best for me.  It was contagious, so, now I want the best for me, too!  Can you dig that?!  Having been a fan of basketball since my days growing up in the Winbrook Projects in White Plains, NY, and spending a good amount of recreational time playing football and baseball in the little leagues there, I have learned the concept of “team play”.  Many times, I try to keep things going that might otherwise have turned into some sort of failure, including interpersonal relationships.  I mean, that “team play” thing overlaps into life in general, folks.  After all, in many ways, we are ALL on the same human team … believe it or not.
So, in closing this communication, I would like to give particular props to Doc Rivers, Armond “Doc” Hill and the Boston Celtics for coming into Miami two days ago, prepping for a “gladiatorial”-type game being the under dogs, and pulling out ALL stops and demolishing any negativity that spectators may have had about “the old men”!  As Kevin Garnett said during the closing interview, “We play as a team.  There is no one player who does it all, we do it together as a team.  And when we do that, we look pretty good.”  Now, I am sure Miami may embrace the same philosophy, since they have the best winning record of any team on their home court.  Yet, they were challenged last night … and defeated … by the under dogs!
Have a great day and rest of the week.  Stay up, y’all!

John I. CookRed rose, Director

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