“Ride On, Baby! Ride On!”

Happy Monday, all!

What a weekend, right?! Now, I heard the weather was challenging in different places and we here in SoFlo had rain throughout the week. Yet, when the weekend arrived, it seemed we had more sunshine than last weekend! It is kind of like riding out the stormy weather because, as my mother used to say, “Every cloud has a silver lining!” She was probably one of the greatest philosophers I have ever known.

Life will always issue each of us a bundle of challenges. In thinking back to my college days and all the “Black Power” slogans, one I used to always say to acknowledge the correct affirmation of a colleague’s comment or analysis of a situation was, “Right On!” Those days were oh so important for each of us as we were growing up in a politically charged era and many of us were preparing to do the work that we do today – doctors, lawyers, accountants, even coaches, business persons and writers! One of my favorite things to do today is stay in touch with those same folk and keep that positive energy flowing between us. After all, each of us contains a light, a source of energy and a purpose.

In watching the NBA playoffs, which is why I love the game, I saw both the Oklahoma Thunder and the Boston Celtics put some energy in motion that led them to victories. Of course, I have to give props to a friend and chum from back in those days who continues to be an inspiration as well as a friend for me: Armond Hill, who sits oh so close to head coach “Doc” Rivers, and they feed off of each others knowledge and energy. I will never forget the days when I played freshman basketball at Princeton with Armond . . . nor our friendship back then.

George Zimmerman is locked up again this weekend after not disclosing his financial assets and being discovered having procured an additional passport, which he did not surrender. Now, the press said he is worried for his safety and his family’s safety. May we continue to seek justice for Trayvon Martin … Zimmerman’s lawyer is as dishonest as he is!

With a new week on hand, may we each continue along our journeys with positive energy and comradery. Just “Ride On, Y’all! Ride On!”


John I. Cook, Director

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