Stormy Season

Happy Friday, All!

T. G. I. F. !!! If you find something or someone better to thank, just let me know!

Today is the first day of June as well as hurricane season, and we are rapidly reaching the half-way mark of 2012! How are your resolutions going? You know, it is hard to reach a goal unless we set one for ourselves. And then, when one may be striving for a particular goal, other opportunities may present themselves. Some of them good …. some of them not so good! Some of those may take you off your original course and lead you to a better place, while other opportunities may just be ghost-like figments of our imagination. In today’s world, as there were in the centuries before us, many humans have let their imaginations lead them astray while others have harnessed the same and improved human existence, if you will.

I personally have been faced with some issues and opportunities here of late. I have had to put on my “warrior gear” to face some of them, and, later, had to replace that gear with a more humble, peace-filled approach to other issues. It is an on-going process. With the advent of advanced technology, social and multi-media, we are made aware of the components of the “human tragedy”, “divine comedy” or whatever else may be an appropriate label for what us humans experience on a daily basis.

As I sit at my computer in the aftermath of a rain-filled night, I hear the birds chirping in unison with the sound of automobile tires passing over the remains of the night rain. As I prepare to step out of my door to encounter unique opportunities, my daily routine and manage some on-going issues in my life, I enjoy the moments of peace, the opportunity to pray and meditate and thank God for another day!

Be well, my friends! Have a wonderful Friday and a fine weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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