“All Around The Mulberry Bush . . .”

Happy Hump Day, All!

Yes, here in South Florida, we have the rainy season.  Yet, when I talk to friends in different places along the East coast, many of them say the weather is rainy there, too!  Remember the old folklore saying, “April showers bring May flowers”?  Well, April is over already, right?!  Yet, I appreciate the season of Spring with Summer closely on its heels!

So, there is a kid … a Miami Dade College student … who is facing five years in prison, if found guilty, for threatening (and posting for help on Facebook) to kill President Obama on his visit to a South Florida university.  Now, I am not sure what his parents think, but “junior” has delusional problems.  Is his ability to “hate” so deeply imbedded or is he just one of those people that likes to talk a lot of “smack”, so to speak?  Well, he’s paying for it now, and will be for the rest of his life.

Haven’t heard much about George Zimmerman lately, but still a bit more slander of the dead boy, Trayvon Martin.  A fire chief in Miami Dade has been demoted for his stereotypical racist statements aimed at African Americans in the Dade County area, and I am glad to see that action is being taken against people who think that because we have freedom of speech, that they can abuse that right with near anarchist bantering about people like the president as well as an ethnic group in general.  Often, unfortunately, ignorance is bliss …. until they are awakened by the reality that they individually MUST respect others rights.

One diversion, if you will, for me has been the intense competition of the NBA Playoffs.  Now, while the Knicks got crushed by the Heat here in Miami, and, the Lakers got schooled by the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Celtics keep their stamina up and seek to keep their historical dynasty respectable.  I haven’t forgotten those San Antonio Spurs either.  So, if the Heat close out the Indiana Pacers on Thursday, the next level of playoffs will be before us …. and Memorial Day Weekend awaits our arrival!  Can’t we all just get along?!

Sometimes, I am just content being somewhat youthful . . . and enjoying life . . . playing “all around the mulberry bush”!  Have a great Hump Day!



John I. CookRed rose, Director

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