“Blow That Horn . . .”

Happy Monday, All!

Well, here’s to hoping your weekends went well.  Life is just a moment . . . you better enjoy it, right?!

This past weekend was a fun one for me, with mixed emotions, mixed activities, yet . . . with a peaceful outcome.  Of course, there were a few people who tried to “ruffle my feathers”, so to speak, but I’ve gotten pretty good at NOT letting anyone under my skin anymore.  Life is too short . . .

After having practiced on Friday and Saturday nights for over a month with the kids from the AAU Basketball Team (Amateur Athletic Union), we had our first game in the first tournament Friday night.  The other team was very well organized and they ran a set offense.  They beat us without a problem.  I am the assistant coach to the gent who, with his wife, organized the team’s entry into several tournaments.  There is one other younger guy, we call him “Step”, who apparently has played in high school.

Saturday morning, we had our second game, which was to be followed by the third game in the afternoon maybe two hours after we finished the second one.  One thing I learned in my coaching experience is that youngsters need a structure, a set offense, and the other two coaches did not agree with me on that particular part of our team’s strategy.  In one of our practices, the head coach made a statement that I not only disagreed with, but it wasn’t true.  He told the kids that the “wheel offense”, which I played and used for a total of 8 years, could not be run against a zone defense.  Basketball, like many activities, is a lot like life.  It is a team sport and you have to keep moving!

We lost both games, though one of our players, Tim, got approached by an interested party who was reporting on the games after he did a left handed dunk on the other team.  Yet, we lost both games mainly because the youngsters were playing “free lance” offense and did not use any set plays, including the wheel, which I taught them.  So, that third game, I had to grin and bear it as the other two coaches took over and literally led the kids into slaughter.  Peace … was still …

Sunday was very cool, as I got up fairly early, made my French toast, bacon and scrambled egg breakfast for me and a friend who wanted to visit Calvary Chapel with me, and we took her son to the kid’s church.  Afterwards, we went to the beach and I enjoyed some time alone out in the ocean and even relaxed in my beach chair close to the vibrant A-1-A!  God is good . . . and it was my mother’s birthday!

“My whole life, my whole soul, my whole spirit is to blow that horn . . .”   – Louie Satchamo Armstrong.

Have a wonderful day, y’all . . .  and blow that horn!


John I. CookRed rose, Director


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