The Light of My Life . . .

Happy Hump Day, All!

This weekend coming up is my mother’s birthday – May 20th, 1917.  It is just seven days after Mother’s Day, so, for me, it is like a double-whammy.  Yet, as I mature into the acceptance of her passing, life becomes more palatable in times like these.  Now, I share this with you because many times, people never realize how attachments like these can be terminated so abruptly and unexpectedly.  As a result, they may take the relationships with loved ones for granted, as I did, never expecting that person to expire … but they will … as we each will …

In addition, I have come to realize how much she influenced me in my behavior and my foundation in life.  Those of you who know me, as well as those who are coming to understand what Educational Excellence and me are doing as well as what we stand for, you know my life here in South Florida has not been ” … a box of chocolates …”  though I remain quite chocolate! (smiles are okay!)  In fact, just last night, I was invited to an Awards Ceremony for Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leader’s with Ms. Patricia Lesesne, who manages the program, and her staff.  Last week, I had accepted the invitation, as the e-mail she sent to me suggested that I would be honored, amongst others who had worked in and with the program and the youth, and was so excited that I forgot I have a weekly commitment on Tuesday nights to the Haitian adults at H.E.R.O. to work with them on refining their English skills to make them more employable and functional in America.  So, I humbly sent Ms. Lesesne an e-mail Monday informing her that I would NOT be able to attend.  I hope she understood.

I learned volunteering and working with people from my mother.  She worked with the White Plains Child Day Care Centers, The Flower Club at Bethel Baptist Church, The Student Aid Society of White Plains and was even a girl scout leader for a group of young ladies from the Winbrook Projects in White Plains, NY.  In fact, she was one of the first African Americans in White Plains to support a progressive local Republican Party “back in the day” and had many drives to register the voters there in the Winbrook and the other “projects” in White Plains.  I was often at her side, since I was the baby boy and everybody else was busy.  “Mamma’s Boy” lives on … if only for today!

“The work will teach you how to do it.”  – Estonian Proverb

Today, I will take the risk of learning by living the spiritual life.  (TOUCHSTONES May 16th)

Have a wonderful Hump Day, and, a tranquil rest of the week.


John I. CookRed rose

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