Being At One With The Universe

What did you say? Thank God It’s Friday?! Oh yes!!!

We have arrived at the end of another week in our lives, though it is a different time in different places, we are all on the journey called “life” . . . thanks be to our Creator!

Have you ever sat and thought where your loved ones (and maybe even not so loved ones!) are at this moment? I mean, those living as well as those who have left this realm of our limited understanding? Sometimes, it is a bit much to think about. So we lose ourselves in our work-a-day “worry away” worlds. I have pictures of loved ones around my flat, a chair that my father refurbished . . . a Serenity Prayer plaque on the wall in my bedroom that once was on a wall in my mother’s sister’s house in Tampa, FL though she has long passed away. I even have pillows on my bed from my mother along with a long pillow that a dear dear friend once gave me on the same bed . . . all in the same flat . . . peace be still.

Around us, we see our world changing and we hope for the better while in the back of our minds, we anticipate and contemplate, perhaps, a change in the “world order”. Where will we go? Where have they gone? What is next? For the most part, I write words like this just to connect with others who may have a similar idea as I about what “life” is, maybe even to illicit a response from those who may think I am completely “off my rocker”! All in all, sharing is living . . . and being at one with this universe has been a revelation for me.

As we look forward to this “Cinco de Mayo” celebration in many parts of the Western World, time and life still goes on in the Eastern World. May we embrace this journey we share in peace and love. Have a great weekend . . . wherever you are!

“What if the interests of the self were expanded to . . . a God’s eye view of the human scene . . . accepting failure as being as natural an occurrence as success in the stupendous human drama . . . as little cause for worry and concern as having to play the role of a loser in a summer theater performance.” – Huston Smith

Peace and love always,

John I. Cook, Director

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