Birthdays, Anniversary of bin Laden’s Death and Kabul Attacks

Happy Hump Day, All!

And as if we’ve enough to celebrate, the sad times and killings continue . . . both at home and abroad . . . peace, be still!

First of all, just a quick mention of a good friend and former co-worker, Kim Cox, who celebrated a birthday on Monday, and, another friend, the daughter of a former co-worker when I was with ACORN, Noris Mercado, celebrates a birthday today. This month not only carries the beloved “Mother’s Day” in it, it also has the birthday of my mother – Marietta Dolores – on May 20th – in addition to, and on the same day, a dear spiritual friend, Rebecca whom I met through the Brahma Kumaris Organization. It is a time of “warm fuzzies” for me as I seek to maintain the meaningfulness of this journey.

While yesterday was the 1st Anniversary of the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, the then leader of Al Qaeda whom many, including himself, say was responsible for orchestrating “9/11” and the attacks on our homeland, it also found our President, Barack Obama, there in Kabul saluting the troops on this anniversary. Now, of course, few may have suspected this, but, on the heels of his departure from signing an agreement to withdraw all US troops in a timely fashion and leave the Afghans to “soldier their own soil”, an attack was launched by car bombings of suicide mission experts dressed as women as the cars exploded in a foreign compound killing 7 people. If this is the Taliban’s answer to “humanity and peace” talks, even in the aftermath of the anniversary of the death of one of the world’s most renown self-proclaimed killers, then I hope the troops are withdrawn a.s.a.p. While I know Obama meant well, and I applaud him on his surprise visit to the soldiers there, I wonder what would have happened if it were not publicized until he got back home.

“Do not reveal your thoughts to everyone, lest you drive away your good luck.” – Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 8:19

Today, I will listen to my inner messages about what I need to discuss with others and when I need to withhold. (TOUCHSTONES May 2nd)

Have a great “rest of the week” and look forward to “Cinco de Mayo” on Saturday!


John I. Cook, Director

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