It Wasn’t The First Time

Happy Friday, Mates!

Once again we have arrived, thankfully, at the end of another week! Thusly, it is only appropriate for me to T.G.I.F.!!! Yayy!! Here in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we are in the midst of “Fleet Week” when the “water forces”, including submarine women and men, marines and navy, dock in town to strut their stuff. It has been a while, 2007, since these festivities were held here and, everywhere the uniformed women and men are welcomed in the FTL, treated special and even thanked for their service to our country. May they experience a fine time.

In addition, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, the beach in the FTL will host the Air Show which will feature “The Thunder Birds” as well as other aerial experts flying proudly over the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean here in South Florida. Oftentimes, and I suspect it will be the same this “Air and Sea Show”, the waters will be well populated with boats, both military and personal vessels. Of course, I pray that all goes well.

Meanwhile, back at the Capitol, more incidents have been uncovered regarding the US Secret Service. It seemed that only hours after Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, announced that the scandal regarding strippers and call girls in Cartagena, Colombia was an isolated incident, it was revealed that similar activities preceded the President and the First Family before they arrived in El Salvador recently! I am not sure, but for me, not only was I NOT surprised that “it wasn’t the first time”, I wonder why they waited until President Obama was in office to expose such events. I mean, it is only logical, not attempting to minimize this type of behavior nor ignore it, that when special forces and groups like the Secret Service “visit” other countries, they, too, are treated like “Rock Stars”. May we get over this and move beyond this to take care of other important issues facing this Great Nation.

Enjoy your weekends and share some quality time with your “official” loved ones!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
PS – Hats off to the military participants here in SoFlo for Fleet Week and the Air and Sea Show! Be safe!

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