The Essence of Things

Happy Hump Day, All!

It seems that this year is cruising by a bit as we approach the end of April and the beginning of May. So much to do and so little time to do it in, it seems. Just last night, I was chatting with a friend about being able to work on projects into the morning hours, if you will, like I used to do when in college. While I know I’ve a lot more on my plate now, and, I consume a lot more brain power in my daily tasks, I have always taken pride in my time management skills. Yet, there is a lot more to life than time management, though it too is very useful . . .

The first few opportunities I got a glimpse of the fact that there is something more spiritual to life than just the physical that we are conditioned and trained to focus on, it was a wee bit eerie, if you know what I mean. I had had friendships or relationships and circumstances that were no good for me. Yet, I clung to them as if they were important parts of my life. Then . . . poof!!! . . . they were gone. I went through my grieving and mourning period, which I thought would never end, then . . . poof!!! . . . something else more beneficial and growth producing came my way.

When my father’s mother, Mattie Yhuman Cook, passed away many many years ago at 104, I was just a kid. While she always said I was her favorite grandson, I never paid much attention to it but knew it made me feel good. Family rumor had it that she was a half-breed Native American, and, to this day, I admire and love their culture. Nevertheless, my father’s father, Robert Cook, was rumored to have been just a child on a plantation somewhere between Florida and Georgia when the slaves were finally freed and he supposedly took the former slave owner’s last name as did his father, before he “married” my grandmother, Mattie Yhuman.

Here of late, I have become tuned in to the spiritual realm as I mature and grow along this journey. I learn to listen to waves in the ocean and the silence, and even feel things beyond what is physically tangible . . . and it brings me peace.

“The natural world is a spiritual house . . . . Man/Woman walks there through forests of physical things that are also spiritual things, that watch him/her with affectionate looks.”
– Charles Baudelaire

The generosity of God (The Creator) is expressed in all kinds of physical things. I will remember that the spiritual is affectionate toward me. (TOUCHSTONES April 25th)

Have a blessed and peace-filled day!


John I. Cook, Director

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