Birthdays . . .

Happy Monday, All!

Last week and the week before, we all witnessed wicked weather in the form of tornadoes and tumultuous rains … in different locations across the United States … from “Sea to shining sea!” Here in South Florida where brush fires are common once the weather gets warmer, we had several days of rain. While staying in contact with friends from North Carolina and Georgia, there were weather reports of rain for four or five days. Now I am not a physical scientist so I remain tongue in check while it is clear that some attribute our weather patterns to “the greenhouse effect” and “global warming” . . . Peace be still

These past few weeks found me saying Happy Birthday to quite a few friends and even a family member, my daughter Ayanna. Birthdays are reminders that we may be maturing mentally and spiritually but definitely growing older physically. “Life is just a moment . . . so you better enjoy it”, as the song title goes from fusion jazz artist Roy Ayers from back in my early college days.

Yet, not only shoud we enjoy it, but we should appreciate it and all the friends and fine relationships we are able to make along this sweet yet brief journey called “life”. Saturday night, a new friend I met had a birthday and I stopped by to say hello and happy birthday to her. Her words were very cool, “I appreciate your coming by my job on my birthday, John!” Last night, after a Sunday which started with streaming a service from Calvary Chapel in which Pastor Bob Coy focused on “gracefully growing older”, I had the pleasure of joining the Zachary family, including his two sisters, their kids, his mother, his wife and his two kids. I was the ONLY chocolate chip in the cookie at upscale Villagio’s Italian Restaurant in the birthday group. We had a huge table, had appetizers, shared stories of friendship and challenges, had our main course and were able to wish Peter happy birthday in style! The staff brought out a delicious piece of cake with candles, led us in singing happy birthday and Peter opened some cards he was given. It was a great time . . . and I have known this lad since we were 10 years old in the City of White Plains, NY.

“Friendship with oneself is all-important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Enjoy your friends as one would enjoy oneself, and, Happy Birthday Peter Zachary! Love you, Man!


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence
Ps – congratulations to Tia Frosland and her group’s success with “Independence on the Runway” this past Saturday in Miami, FL, as well.

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