Seeing the Difference

Happy Friday, All!

And I would like to say T.G.I.F.!

With all of the fuss going on in the news, many of us have lost faith in hopes of tomorrow. Even the “President’s Men” aka The Secret Service have admitted that they let the boss down with all of the shenanigans that went on in Cartagena, Colombia, South America.

Well, I had the pleasure of witnessing the induction ceremony for Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leader’s at Plantation High School last night! Sometimes, we may need to take a closer look at our youth, unlike some people who took all sorts of “pot shots” at Trayvon Martin and his family blaming his untimely death on them. I recall a sociological theory that I had studied at Princeton called, “blaming the victim”.

With grants acquired by Program Director, Ms. Patricia Lesesne, and her staff of Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders, select students have pledged to improve their academic performance as well as their social skills. This program consists of academic coaches, mentors and mentees and a well designed and organized program at Boyd H. Anderson High School and Plantation High School here in Broward County, FL. It is a program supported by Broward County Public Schools.

Watching the youth walk across the stage in their polo shirts, long sleeve white shirts, vest sweaters and even blazers with the emblem of the program on the apparel was truly a testimony to the fact that there are youth who want to take charge of tomorrow’s world. Even the principals of each school gave words of support, charging the young people from all ethnic groups – including several white youth that attend both schools, to live up to their creed to develop into tomorrow’s leaders! Kudos to everyone who had a part in creating and maintaining this program!

“I wasn’t exactly brought up in one of those Norman Rockwell paintings you used to see on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.” – Reggie Jackson

The difficulties and confusion I feel may just be part of real life. Serenity comes when I accept the mixture that real life is. (TOUCHSTONES April 20th)

Have a great weekend . . . and keep the faith!


John I. Cook, Director

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