“Just Answer The Question, Please!?”

Hey, y’all! Happy Hump Day!

Have you ever heard the expression that, when asked a question, usually the first thing that comes to your mind is the correct answer? Did you ever wonder why? Once we start to think about what answer “would, could or should” be correct … or given … in any given situation, then we begin to tailor our answer to fit the occasion or person asking the question! Does that make our answer a lie … or just a deviation of the truth?

Often times, I’ve had to ask myself the same question over and over, sometimes staring at my own face in a mirror and searching for the reasons of my own behaviour. One thing I truly do, though I am still human and not perfect, is try to tell the truth. My father used to get highly perturbed whenever I lied to him and, in the midst of scolding me, he would say: “The reason I don’t want you to lie to me is because the only thing I have to go on when you talk to me are the words that come out of your mouth!” To this very day, I meditate on such simple treasures. Over recent years, I have truly tried to keep my life simple so that I could manage it pretty much myself. I thank God and good friends for helping me when things got complicated.

My friend and daughter, Ayanna Lynne, celebrates a birthday April 12th though I’ve seen it listed as the 11th. So, I would like to send out a warm birthday wish to her whenever and however she decides to celebrate it. I’ve another dear friend from Czech Republic, Ms. Andrea Mochtakova, whose birthday I believe is today. I hope her son gets to meet “Uncle John” soon! So may the cosmos and all those good things, especially the spirit of their Creator, be with them both these coming days.

It seems that the prosecutor in Sanford, FL is planning to reveal something that perhaps we all … well most of us … have been waiting to hear. Once stating that there is no need for a grand jury to assist her office in further investigating the Trayvon Martin “murder”, as I see it, her office has promised to give a statement in the next 72 hours . . . and counting. In addition, George Zimmerman’s counselors have withdrawn from his case, since he has disappeared and not replied to their communications, and, as well, has contacted a news station and even the prosecutor’s office himself without obtaining legal advice from his attorneys.

“I have learned this: it is not what one does that is wrong, but what one becomes as a consequence of it.” – Oscar Wilde

Today, I will take care to make choices that match my values. (TOUCHSTONES April 11th)

Have a wonderful day!

Peace be with you,

John I. Cook, Director

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