Positive Values and Role Models

Happy Hump Day, All!

As we’ve entered the month of April and Spring most definitely has sprung, our roads lead us to Passover, Good Friday, Good Saturday … and Easter Sunday. I can only be very thankful for the fact that my parents raised me with a spiritual background so I could learn to develop that “inner strength” that doesn’t come from lifting weights or making more money or looking good even. Now of course, I don’t mean to play down any of those things but I do insist on building up the “inner self”. After all, when all else has expired, what may we have left? Peace be still.

Last night, as I have for the past month or more, I worked with some Haitian adults at H.E.R.O. who have been determined to improve their English language skills. Now, the interesting thing is that my friend, Marie Achille, who runs another small business here in Broward assisting in particular Haitian immigrants, came to me with this idea on the spur of the moment, if you will. She pulled together a couple of other people, including an interpreter/teacher of Haitian origin, Leo, to assist me in clarifying some of the finer points in Creole as I attempt to hammer home verbs, sentence structure, idiomatic expressions and proper English etiquette, if you will. We had a tremendous class last night and some of my returning students like Karlene and Gertrude continue coming to class with homework that I had assigned, which consists of 5 sentences in which they use some of the verb forms and vocabulary words that we learned in class. It is nice to work with people who really want to improve their lives. I like working with them because it is contagious.

“What is obvious to me is that we did not create ourselves . . . life is something inside of you. You did not create it. Once you understand that, you are in a spiritual realm.” – Virginia Satir

Today, may I remember my Higher Power is within every cell of my being, whether I notice it or not. (TOUCHSTONES April 4th)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, All!


John I. Cook, Director

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