Stop The Violence!

Happy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping that your Palm Sunday, should you acknowledge it, was peaceful and spiritual. I recall the days growing up in the Winbrook Projects and Palm Sunday was when Bethel Baptist Church would pass out pieces of the palm leaf so that we could remember what is believed to have occurred on that day, the week before Easter. It was thought that as Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem that people laid palm leaves on the ground so that the donkey he rode would not step on the Earth’s surface. It is also believed that the people of that time laid down their cloaks and branches from trees to acknowledge their reverence for Jesus Christ the week before he was crucified. Pray for peace …

As there was still another shooting after a funeral in Miami, which claimed the life of one young father whose child was born less than a month ago, we must realize that there is still a call for more peaceful ways of coexistence other than violence and murders of innocent victims. Reports continued to stream in about the senseless shooting of people outside of the funeral parlor as they congregated outside of it once having viewed the body of yet another person who was deceased. One of the children of the young man who was killed was shown on television news explaining where his father had gotten shot. Aren’t there better lessons that our youth can be taught?

Yet, still more hometown support was formed in a rally at Bayfront Park just on the side of the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. As Jessie Jackson spoke the words, “Stop the Violence! Save Our Children! Stop the Violence, Save Our Children! Arrest Zimmerman NOW!”, people cheered and spoke out demonstrating their support for the arrest of Zimmerman, and, justice for Trayvon. One white woman even spoke out at the rally for the news cameras and said: “The people should continue protesting until this man is arrested. He is still free with an automatic weapon that he used to kill a kid!” The fervor in that rally yesterday was so tremendous that when Trayvon’s parents spoke, in particular his mother this time, it was clear that their faith was in God and the people that justice will be served for their slain son, Trayvon Martin. A barrel was also passed around to assist the Martin family in covering legal fees as they seek justice for their son.

Last I heard, Zimmerman had also been fired from a security job in the recent years because while on assignment, he slammed a woman against a wall repeatedly. Other former co-workers of his described him as a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde type of creature. It is still very hard to wrap my thoughts around the suggestion that Trayvon attacked him FIRST, and, experts who listened to the recording of the “911” call from a neighbor whose window was very close to the “scuffle” which ended, as did the voice of Trayvon screaming for help, once a shot was fired, have confirmed that it was NOT Zimmerman screaming for help.

May we celebrate this coming Easter Holy Day with love for each other and reverence for our Creator and seek more peace this Holy Week . . . and always!


John I. Cook, Director

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