“Why Did …” vs. “If …”

Happy Friday, All ….

Still, I must Thank God It’s Friday … in spite of so many things that us humans seemed to have done wrong. Peace be still …

Well, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is bringing the Super Bowl of wrestling back to Miami soon. The Marlin’s new stadium with all the bells and whistles, including the retractable roof, is about to have its first “real” home game, and, even Spike Lee has made the news in a blunder by giving out a “wrong number” for a house where George Zimmerman was supposed to be hiding out! It has been discovered that the young lady, a black girl, who experienced a “melt down” in a class room at Boca Raton’s F.A.U. campus suffers from bi-polar schizophrenia and manic depression after she had set up a trip for college students to support the cause in Sanford, FL. She also had a 3.8 average and needed only two classes to graduate.

How many times in this past month have we “fixed our mouths” to ask: “Why did Zimmerman have a gun as a community watch captain?” Or, “If Trayvon was beating Zimmerman so badly, why aren’t there any marks or bruises on the dead boys knuckles?” I don’t know about you but my mouth is starting to complain about being formed to ask these questions repeatedly, over and over, and still no arrest has been made?

Do you believe that racial profiling really exists? Do you think that there is any corruption in the Sanford, FL police department, or, for that matter, most police departments in Florida … or New York or Los Angeles? Question after question, of course, with so few answers. Well, while I support all efforts to clean up this mess us humans have made of our existence here on planet Earth, I still have to sit silently oh so often . . . and just thank God . . . for all those things that have gone right in my life today, especially the wrongs that have been made right. I know, there is more to come, so, may we humbly reach out to each other and embrace this gift we’ve been given called “LIFE”!

Do try to have a great weekend, as Friday has started out very gorgeous and these first few days of Spring have been rather nice.


John I. Cook, Director

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