The Shootings Continue . . . At Home and Abroad

Happy Hump Day, All!

There is nothing like a Wednesday to break up the monotony of a week! I always welcome Wednesdays and look forward to the weekends, too!

So much news around . . . including Santorum winning two southern states – Alabama and Mississippi. A bit of a shock for most people, and Gingrich came in second in one of those states. Enough of politics, though they continue to “shoot” slander at Obama and his administration.

The 17 year old African American kid who was shot by a Neighborhood Watch man is said to have been defenseless with only Skittles and an Arizona Ice Tea in his pocket at the scene of the alleged crime. His parents are wondering why this “civilian” is still free. The “911” tape has not been released to the lawyer for the family and the wheels of justice are moving ever so slowly in Sanford, FL. The captain of the Neighborhood Watch is white, named Zimmerman, and the latest report says he called “911”, and, according to protocol when someone calls “911”, they are usually told not to get involved. No tape released . . . no arrest . . . no justice!

The sniper who went literally “ballistic” on a sleeping household in Afghanistan was said to have been involved in an earlier accident when on tour in Iraq and suffered from head injuries. The sad thing about this for me is why would they put someone back into a situation where his injuries may detonate some erratic behavior either to his comrades or others? It is a very difficult thing for American officials to explain though Mrs. Clinton and President Obama have done their best to keep relations positive between the military presence there and the Afghans.

“This above all, to refuse to be a victim. Unless I can do that I can do nothing.” – Margaret Atwood

Today, I will take responsibility for my own life and not try to be a savior for others. I won’t undermine my relationships by being a victim. (TOUCHSTONES March 14th)

Enjoy your day, the rest of your week and each other.


John I. Cook, Director

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